About Learn and Earn


BHCC’s Learn and Earn program places students in Greater Boston’s top corporations for hands-on experience—and introduces the possibility of new careers and new lives. Launched with the support of the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP) in spring 2012, five firms sponsored 20 student interns working one or two days per week. Today, the program has evolved to serve over 100 students per semester working 16 to 40 hours per week, supported by 18 company partners. The program promotes student accessibility, diversity, retention and completion.

“My internship has not only been a wonderful, eye-opening experience, but has also fundamentally changed how I view the world. It showed me how much I am truly capable of when I dedicate myself.”

—Engineering Intern


  • 452 student placements; 66% diverse; 1,951 students have applied
  • Over 40% conversion rate: 30% of internships are extended; 14% hired
  • 65 hires across professional roles at 10 partner companies
  • Many transfer to four-year schools, including Bentley, Babson, Northeastern, UMass Boston/Lowell and Suffolk
  • 15 student interns have initiated Six Sigma projects, which will save their companies $100K each ($1.5M total)
  • Winner of 3 national awards


  • Students intern 16-40 hours per week
  • Interns work 5 or 7 months (Sep-Jan/ Feb-Aug), or summer
  • Students earn $15 per hour • Students earn three academic credits in their major
  • Companies fund transportation stipends ($180-$500)
  • Companies provide mentors & professional development


  • Accounting, Finance, Business Operations, HR
  • Communications, Marketing, PR, Community Relations
  • Biotechnology, Chemical Science, Engineering
  • Hospitality, Culinary, Event Planning
  • Graphic Design, Media Communications
  • IT Networking, Computer Science, Web Development


Demonstrate strength through diversity
66% diverse (all ethnicities, age range 18-59, 15 military veterans); representative of BHCC’s overall student diversity

Identify and close workforce gaps
More than 30 faculty have engaged in employer meetings, networking events, recruiting and program assessments;
they have aligned curricula to meet current and future high-demand employer needs

Create pathways and partnerships to promote student success
High-demand growth to 17 employer partners, collaborative planning, networking, and alumni support advances
student career and college success in over 20 academic programs

Institute a culture of evidence and accountability
Launched Learn and Earn 2.0 in fall 2014 featuring extended work cycles to improve student/employer ROI

Foster wellness, growth and lifelong learning
Transformative student success consistently reported in boosted confidence, self-growth, hope, empowerment, network
connections, cultural awareness, time management, goal-setting and career readiness


White House College Opportunity Day of Action: BHCC President’s Commitments
American Association of Community Colleges: Outstanding College/Corporate Partnership, 2015
Cooperative Education and Internship Association: Two-Year College Student Achievement, 2014, 2015
Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 29 Who Shine Student Award Winner, 2015


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