Transfer Services

Transfer Services assists new, current and graduating BHCC students with the transfer process and transfer opportunities to and from the college. Transfer Counselors also conduct a series of transfer workshops on transfer related topics. The calendar of workshops is available online for your convenience and posted in the B-Lobby, 2nd Floor and in LifeMap.

Transferring Credits into BHCC

Students who have attended another college may apply for transfer credit and advanced standing at BHCC.  Official transcripts from all previous colleges must be sent directly to the Academic Records Office at the time the student applies to the college. 

Academic Records
Bunker Hill Community College
250 New Rutherford Avenue
Boston, MA 02129

Official Transcripts may also be dropped off at the Admissions & Registration Desk in the B Lobby, 2nd floor.  All official transcripts must be received by BHCC staff members in their original unopened sealed envelope.

Official transcripts will be evaluated once the student is accepted and becomes a matriculated registered student. Accepted/matriculated students may use a copy or unofficial transcript(s) to meet with Advising and register for courses while waiting for transfer credit to be evaluated.

Credit may be awarded if:

  • the courses are comparable to those offered at BHCC.
  • a grade of C or better is earned from a regionally accredited college or university. Programs requiring a C+ or higher are noted on the program curriculum sheet located in the BHCC College Catalog.
  • computer courses are not more than three years old.
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II courses are not more than five years old for students applying to some health programs.
  • BHCC requires that lab courses have an on-campus laboratory component. Web based courses equivalent to BHCC’s BIO115, ENV105, ENV110, AND ENV111 may be transferred to BHCC as lab courses if evidence can be provided that there was an online or at home lab component to the course.

Credits earned at colleges which follow a quarter system will be converted to semester-hour equivalents resulting in an adjustment in the number of credits transferred.  A student can only use a maximum of 45 transfer credits toward the BHCC associate degree and a maximum of 75 percent of the total number of credits required for certificate programs.

Credits earned at colleges and universities located outside of the United States must obtain a detailed course-by-course evaluation of foreign transcripts utilizing a credential evaluation service such as the Center for Educational Documentation or Educational Credential Evaluators

Once an official transcript has been evaluated and the accepted/matriculated student has enrolled in courses, transferred in courses will appear on the BHCC transcript with a letter grade of TR.  TR grades are not counted in the BHCC GPA (Grade Point Average) and are not used to calculate completion rate.  BHCC uses both completion rates and GPA to calculate academic standing at the College.

Transfer Appeal Process

Transfer students who disagree with the transfer credit award decision may request a meeting with a Transfer Counselor by emailing  The purpose of this meeting is to give the student an opportunity to present evidence such as course descriptions and syllabi to demonstrate that the course(s) in question are either the equivalent or comparable and meet the criteria listed above.  The Transfer Counselor will contact relevant Faculty, Department Chair and or the Academic Dean to review course documentation as needed.  If the matter is not resolved with the Transfer Counselor, the student can appeal in writing to the appropriate Associate Provost of Academic Affairs requesting that the Associate Provost review the materials and findings.  The decision of the Associate Provost is final.

Transferring from BHCC

BHCC strives to ease the process by which our graduates may transfer into baccalaureate programs at four-year colleges and universities.  As part of this goal, the college negotiates transfer articulation agreements designed to protect earned college-level credits.  Each agreement is individually developed by an academic department at BHCC with the receiving institution and is unique. For assistance in planning for transfer, and in interpreting transfer agreements, as well as for a complete description of guarantees, requirements, benefits and limitations of the agreements, students are urged to contact the department chair of the program they are studying or the receiving institution. A list of the current academic year’s articulation agreements between BHCC and other academic institutions is available online for Associate in Arts and Associate in Science programs at Articulation Agreements.  Students transferring to the 4-year college/university must obtain their BHCC transcript as a part of the application process. Student should visit the National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Ordering Center to order their official BHCC transcript. Questions pertaining to the BHCC transcript should be directed to the Academic Records Office in the B-Lobby, 2nd floor.

Transfer Counselors conduct a series of transfer workshops on transfer related topics such as MassTransfer, Transfer Application process, and Common Application. The calendar of workshops is available online for your convenience.  Transfer Counselors will meet with students by appointment once they have attended a workshop.  Transfer Counselors can be reached by e-mail at