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Massachusetts Community College Athletic Conference (MCCAC)

The Massachusetts Community College Athletic Conference (MCCAC) was established in 1969 for the purpose of promoting and fostering Community College athletics in Massachusetts to the end that the results of intercollegiate athletics will be consistent with the total educational program of the Massachusetts Board of Regents.

Since its inception, the MCCAC has developed into an organization that provides the opportunity for student-athletes in Massachusetts to compete athletically in an environment which is a vital aspect of the students’ educational process.

Participating Member Schools

Bristol Logo Bristol Community College
Derek Viveiros, Athletic Director
Bulldogs Logo Bunker Hill Community College
Holyoke Logo Holyoke Community College
Thomas Stewart, Director of Bartley Center for Athletics and Recreation
Massasoit Logo Massasoit Community College
Julie Mulvey, Director of Athletics
MassBay Logo ‌MassBay Community College
Bill Raynor, Director of Athletics,
Recreation & Wellness
/Community Outreach Projects
Northern Essex Logo Northern Essex Community College
Sue MacAvoy, Athletic Coordinator
Quinsigamond Logo Quinsigamond Community College
Lisa M. Gurnick, Director of Athletics
Roxbury Logo Roxbury Community College
Erica Rivers
Director of Athletics & Student Life
Springfield logo Springfield Technical College
Vincent Grassetti, Director of Athletics

MCCAC Men's Soccer Championship

Bunker Hill Community College
2014 MCCAC Men's Soccer Champions

Men Soccer Champion

MCCAC Women's Soccer Championship

Holyoke Community College
2014 MCCAC Women's Soccer Champions

Women's Soccer Champion

MCCAC Men's Basketball Championship

Springfield Technical Community College
2015 MCCAC Men's Basketball Champions

Men's Basketball Champion

MCCAC Women's Basketball Championship Game

Roxbury Community College
2015 MCCAC Women's Basketball Champions


Northern Essex Community College 
2015 MCCAC Baseball Champions

Baseball 2015 Champions


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