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Resume Review & Critique

A resume and cover letter are important tools students can use to demonstrate their experience, skills, educational background, and accomplishments.  A professional resume is a marketing tool and a step towards an interview.  Before sending out their resume, students can contact Career Advising for a resume review. 

It is strongly recommended that a student attend a Resume Writing workshop before requesting a resume or cover letter critique.  

The Resume Writing Workshop is a great resource for students.  Students attending the workshop will learn how to format a resume, organize their employment and educational experiences, and highlight their strengths and skills. 

To prepare for the resume review, we ask students:

  1. Attend a Resume Writing workshop
  2. Review our Resume Writing Guide and Resume Writing videos for additional resources.
  3. Email a copy of resume/cover letter to the Career Advisor who will be reviewing your documents. 

Career Advising has created a video playlist to help students work on their resumes from home.


Parts of a Resume Overview 

What is a Resume?

Formatting a Resume 

Parts of a Resume

Writing the Heading

Writing the Summary of Qualifications

Writing the Education Section

Writing the Experience Section 

Writing the Honors/Certificate Etc. Section 

Do’s and Don'ts 

What is a Cover Letter?