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Rishikesh Ghodeswar (India, Business Administration, 2017-18)

In March, Rishikesh Ghodeswar and fellow CCI alumna Kausar Ansari (Houston Community College) taught a month-long entrepreneurship class to eight underserved young women who aspire to be beauticians in Mumbai, India. The two CCI alumnae organized a “Teentrepreneurs” class through the Antarang Foundation, a nonprofit that provides employability training to underserved youth in Mumbai. The Teentrepreneur students, ages 17-22, met each weekend for four hours and completed assignments between classes. Most the young women had dropped out of school and lacked job experience. Rishikesh and Kausar drew from experiences in U.S. classes and internships to teach such topics such as business plan development, marketing, networking, client communication, and budgeting. Two weeks after the conclusion of the course, several students had already found clients for Mehendi, hair, and makeup services. The Antarang Foundation has asked Rishikesh and Kausar to teach the class again this summer.

Rishikesh was also selected for a summer internship at Harvard Business School’s India Research Center. For two months this summer, Rishikesh will conduct fieldwork on the gap between rural and urban economies around Delhi. In conjunction with the internship, Rishi will take the India Research Center’s online certificate course in human behavior this spring. He is currently in his final year in a bachelor’s degree program at N.S.S. College of Commerce and Economics.

Rishikesh’s initiative illustrates how the CCI Program increases jobs skills of participants and builds capacity among emerging leaders from underserved groups.

Melissa Acevedo (Colombia, Early Childhood Education, 2016-17)

In Colombia, Melissa Acevideo along three CCI alumnae spread the U.S. spirit of volunteerism in their home communities. In a video filmed by digital storytelling experts from StoryCenter, three alumnae from the 2016-17 program year—including CCI alumna Melissa Acevedo—explain how they developed a grassroots CCI Colombian Alumni Club in their home country as a means to promote and organize volunteer activities in Medellin.

Watch Melissa talk about how she uses the knowledge she gained interning with Jumpstart in Boston to help teach underserved pre-K students in her home community.

Ancelina Samber (Indonesia, Early Childhood Education, 2015-16)

Ancelina was promoted this year to Principal of Kindergarten at the school where she teaches in Indonesia. Ancelina said that her certificate coursework at BHCC and her internship at Jumpstart gave her with the job skills she needed to stand out as a leader in her school, paving the path to her promotion. Ancelina’s professional success illustrates how the CCI Program increases jobs skills and expands the professional capacity of exchange participants.

Muhammad Ferdaus (Bangladesh, Bunker Hill Community College, Public Safety, 2014-15)

During the CCI Program’s 2014-15 year, Muhammad Ferdaus  completed public safety courses at BHCC and served as a volunteer and intern at the Red Cross in Boston. From these experiences, he realized that he could train others in the skills and knowledge needed to volunteer and help their own communities, families, workplaces. Through the CCI Program, Ferdaus learned how to organize large-scale events and to network and collaborate with international NGOs and stakeholders to accomplish large-scale trainings and disaster management. Now, Ferdaus organizes training for public safety and disaster management through universities, NGOs, and in the workplace—particularly in the garment district.

Watch Ferdaus tell his story about how two significant disasters in Bangladesh influenced his desire to help and protect others.

Read the CCI Program blog post about his work.

Maria Isabel Arias Montoya (Colombia, Early Childhood Education, 2017-18)

Maria Isabel Arias was part of a group of U.S. Department of State alumni who led an Access English language camp in Manizales in November 2018. Maria and her CCI colleague Edier worked with three other Access alumni and the Binational Center Colombo Americano to organize and run the three-day camp. Activities included team-building and leadership exercises, which were conducted entirely in English.