Bunker Hill Community College

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Project Reopen Team

  • Steve Roller, Executive Director, Grants
  • Molly Ambrose, Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations
  • Maryanne Atkinson, Dean, Health Sciences
  • Robert Barrows, Executive Director and Chief of Police, Public Safety
  • Gary Bigelow, Executive Director, Facilities Planning, Construction, and Energy Management
  • Jeanette Chavarin, Administrative Assistant, Student Activities, AFSCME Representative
  • John Chirichiello, Interim Facilities Manager
  • Hariklia Delta, Professor, Computer Science, President of BHCCCP Chapter
  • Cynthia Forrest, Interim Associate Provost, Academic & Student Affairs
  • Jeff Ginsberg, Associate Vice President, Administration & Finance
  • Marie Griffin, EDP Systems Analyst, Technology Support Services, AFSCME Representative
  • Melissa Holster, Executive Director, Student Financial Services
  • Cherry Lim, Academic Counselor, Advising & LifeMap , MCCC Representative
  • Kristen McKenna, Dean, Workforce & Economic Development
  • Alice Murillo, Associate Provost, Chelsea Campus
  • Karen Norton, Executive Director, Integrated Marketing and Communications
  • Wissal Nouchrif, Professor, Business Administration, College Forum Moderator
  • Sara Satham, Senior Academic Counselor, Student Affairs, MCCC Representative
  • Matthew Shedden, Deputy Chief of Police & Director of Operations
  • Agnes Simon, Director of Project Support
  • Vengerflutta Smith, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
  • Grace Young, Dean, Enrollment Management and LifeMap