FAQ: BHCC Response to Coronavirus

The College has compiled helpful information and resources in the Frequently Asked Questions below.  

They are categorized into the following sections:

We will continue to update this page. 

Please check the Important Contacts and Hours for details.

 General Information

You will find general questions on how to stay up to date with what support and services are available.

To ensure the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff, most spring 2021 classes will be taught remotely through a few different course delivery. For more information visit the Spring 2021 Course Delivery webpage.

The College has created a Coronavirus webpage to keep our campus community informed of decisions. BHCC is following the guidance of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Massachusetts Department of Public Health and will continue to update this page with information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as it becomes available. 

All College buildings are closed to the public, except for authorized employees and students. H-Building is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and beginning on October 5, H-Building will be open on Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Please contact your professor for details. Student support is available online. Visit bhcc.edu/coronavirus-info for Hours and Contact Information.

The DISH Food Pantry has moved to remote assistance. You can reach the DISH by email and phone. They can assist you in locating the closest Food Bank to your home so you do not need to come into the DISH for food.

All Workforce, Community Education and Adult Education classes have resumed remotely

If you have questions about specific classes, please reach out to your instructor.

  • During the Coronavirus situation, staff and faculty of this Division are working remotely. There are no staff in H-Building or on the Chelsea Campus.
  • Staff will handle requests via email and phone.
  • Please contact Dean McKenna at kpmckenn@bhcc.edu or by phone at 617-228-2416 if you are having trouble reaching someone. Outside inquiries are handled via phone or email.
  • To find out contact info, please consult the directory https://www.bhcc.edu/directory/
  • More info on courses and programs is in our catalog at https://www.bhcc.edu/cce-catalog/

Bunker Hill Community College is not considered part of the Governor’s Executive Branch. However, we are following the guidelines as recommended:

“Higher Education: continue to move towards remote learning: With regard to higher education, the Department of Higher Education and Department of Public Health strongly recommend that colleges and universities, both public and private, continue to pursue strategies to reduce the need for students to be on campus, including suspending in-person classes and implementing institution-wide programs to shift to remote learning, technology enabled solutions, and other tools to allow students to successfully complete course and degree requirements. Institutions should also pursue strategies to reduce the need for faculty and staff to be on campus by maximizing remote work opportunities, while maintaining essential on-campus services, especially for residential students who cannot safely return home.” 

Read more at https://www.mass.gov/news/baker-polito-administration-announces-emergency-actions-to-address-covid-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines for “community mitigation strategies” to limit the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, which include recommendations for “social distancing”—a term that epidemiologists are using to refer to a conscious effort to reduce close contact between people and hopefully stymie community transmission of the virus.

The Dish Food Pantry: https://www.bhcc.edu/dishfoodpantry/

Single Stop: https://www.bhcc.edu/singlestop/

The District Attorney’s Office has prepared information on unemployment, SNAP, SSA, mental health, crisis and prevention. View the District Attorney’s COVID-19 Resource Guide https://www.bhcc.edu/media/03-documents/covid19/SCDAO-COVID-19-FINAL-(3).pdf


We are here to support your success.  Please contact us if you need assistance or have questions.  View the Important Contacts and Hours to reach the College departments and services

The College will once again offer students the opportunity to submit a request to Academic Records for a “P” grade (Pass) instead of a letter grade for each course in which you earned a “C” grade or higher.  Remember you must earn a “C’” or better in the course to select the “P” (Pass) grade option. For more information, visit: https://www.bhcc.edu/studentcentral/academicrecords/grades/pgrades/

To give you more time to evaluate your success in the course, the withdrawal deadline for Fall courses will be the last day of classes—December 21. 

If you have any questions about your courses, please be sure to reach out to your professors immediately, so that they can support your learning and success. Also, don’t forget that if you would like some support outside of class, there are tutoring and academic support services available at no charge for currently enrolled students and you can click on the links below to get specifics:


WRITING SUPPORThttps://www.bhcc.edu/writingplace/  


LANGUAGE LEARNING SUPPORThttps://www.bhcc.edu/languagelab/

DIGITAL LEARNING SUPPORT:  You can use your computer or smartphone to reach AIDE at this link: https://bhcc.webex.com/meet/aide1  See website for hours: https://www.bhcc.edu/aide/

The bookstore is closed. If you would like to speak to someone in the bookstore, call 617-228-2304 Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The BHCC Library is physically closed at this time; however, most of our resources and services are still available. Please see LIBRARY REMOTE SERVICES for more information. Our Library team is available to work with students, faculty and staff. Please contact us via email at BHCCLibrary@bhcc.edu, or by using the "Ask Us or Search Our Questions/ Chat with a Librarian!" on the library webpage.

Mini Session II begins on November 1.

Set-up a space at your home to attend class remotely or on-line. Make sure you have access to a computer and the internet. Email your professors so you can learn about this transition.

Please check the Important Contacts and Hours for details.

If you are in need of a Chromebook or other technology assistance, please contact Melissa Holster at mbholste@bhcc.edu.

The Academic Innovation and Distance Education (AIDE) Team is now Virtual. Please visit our Virtual Innovation Lab online. This Team provides Teaching & Learning Support for Students.

You can use your computer or smartphone to reach us with this link: https://bhcc.webex.com/meet/aide1. We are available Monday through Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also call 1-877-668-4493 (Toll Free) and enter meeting access code: 735 429 954. 

You can also reach us by email: onlinehelp@bhcc.edu.

Yes, transfer workshops are being offered online. To participate in a workshop, please go to the Transfer Services webpage.

College offices and services are open and serving the students remotely via email or phone.

Please check the Important Contacts and Hours for details.

If you are in need of a Chromebook or other technology assistance, please contact Melissa Holster at mbholste@bhcc.edu

Contact Student Central to get your answers. You can visit the Student Central website, email at studentcentral@bhcc.edu or call at 617-228-2370.

Yes, Student Central is assisting students via emailphone, and chat. The email is studentcentral@bhcc.edu and the number is 617-228-2370. Chat Hours are

Monday-Thursday: 3-5 p.m.

No, the LifeMap Center is closed on campus, but advisors are available to answer your questions.

YES, ALL student support services are available via phone and email. We are here to help!

Please check the Important Contacts and Hours for details.

If you need any assistance with resume writing, completing a career assessment, selecting a major, or preparing for an interview then please email careeradvising@bhcc.edu. Meetings can be offered by phone or virtually through BHCC WebEx. 

The shuttle busses are currently not running.

Please send an email to transferservices@bhcc.edu 

We are working on determining how best to support students who need to retake their placement tests. Please send an email to testing@bhcc.edu with your name, ID number and test you wish to retake.

To access an academic advisor or a success coach, please send an email to advising@bhcc.edu or call 617-228-2230.

The Office of Academic Innovation and Distance Education (AIDE) has created a Student Resource Center to provide students with access to various online learning and practice materials within Moodle which is the college's learning management system.

Hands-on practice using Moodle and other online learning tools that instructors may use to conduct classes - such as Webex, Smarthinking, ePortfolio, and more.

Yes, The Writing Place is open virtually and is offering remote tutoring sessions at https://bhcc.mywconline.com/

View a video tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?=CSvwXnaFQL8 or read and follow Process for Registering and Selecting a Tutoring Session at the Writing Place.

The following resources are available to provide help with classes:

MathSpace for developmental math support: https://www.bhcc.edu/mathspace/

Writing Support: https://www.bhcc.edu/writingplace/

Language Learning Support: https://www.bhcc.edu/languagelab/

Tutoring for specific courses and writing: https://www.bhcc.edu/tasc/

DIGITAL LEARNING SUPPORT: You can use your computer or smartphone to reach AIDE at this link: https://bhcc.webex.com/meet/aide1  See website for hours: https://www.bhcc.edu/aide/

Library: https://www.bhcc.edu/library/

Library remote services: https://www.bhcc.edu/library/libraryremoteservices/

Students can submit their financial aid documents through our online document uploader. Please make sure that each document is filled out in its entirety, including signatures when necessary. Please also be sure to include your BHCC student ID number, and your BHCC email address when submitting your documents.

The Financial Aid Department will be mailing out requests for missing information and verification weekly. Please login to your BHCC Self-Service menu to confirm that your address is correct. If your address is not correct, please update it immediately through your Self-Service menu. If the appropriate documents do not arrive in the mail, please contact Student Central at studentcentral@bhcc.edu.

Once you have submitted all of your required documents, your application will be reviewed by a financial aid counselor. This process usually takes about 2-3 weeks. Please continue to check your BHCC self-service menu’s “required documents” page in case any additional information is needed. Once your file is reviewed and no other information is needed, you will receive a BHCC email stating that an award has been calculated.

Students can submit their financial aid documents through our online document uploader. Please make sure that your scholarship application is filled out in its entirety, and any additional documents needed for the application are included. Please also be sure to include your BHCC student ID number, and your BHCC email address when submitting any documents through the document uploader.

Some scholarships require the submission of letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can be sent directly from the sender’s BHCC email to the Scholarship Coordinator, Julia Ocasio, at jlocasio@bhcc.edu.

The school is currently closed and face-to-face meetings are not possible at this time, however, you may be able to get assistance through FAFSA’s Live Chat Service,FAFSA’s help center web page or by calling Federal Student Aid at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243).

If you don’t have a scanner, you can use a mobile device (like a cell phone or tablet) to take clear photos of each page of the document that you would like to upload. Once you have taken the photos, you can then access the uploader on your mobile device’s web browser. Click on “Add Files” and your phone should then prompt you to access photos from your phone’s photo library. Select the appropriate photos and then submit them.

Students can make payments through your BHCC Self-Service account using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. There is a 2% fee for making a debit or credit card payment, however, you can waive this fee by paying with a web check. To pay with web check you need the account number and routing number for the account you would like to use for payment. Due to the campus being closed, students are not able to make payments in person with cashier checks or money orders at this time.

 Faculty and Staff

We will continue to add to this section to support faculty and staff. There is also a resource for faculty and staff on the Intranet covering procedures for academic continuity and business continuity operations including remote working resources. 

The plan is to reduce the number and amount of time faculty and students have to spend on campus. The Academic Innovation and Distance Education (AIDE) team is working with deans and faculty to schedule trainings and Webex meetings to assist in the implementation of online, hybrid and other distance teaching/learning.

Faculty can drop in to the AIDE virtual office https://bhcc.webex.com/meet/aide1. Simply click the link, download the setup.exe file, then select “join meeting.” Join us on mobile by clicking the link to our personal room and downloading the Cisco Webex Meetings app. AIDE will be online 10am-5pm Monday-Friday & 11am-3pm Sat and Sun. AIDE is available for staff, faculty and students. If you are trying to convert your course materials for online delivery, need to troubleshoot a digital learning issue, or just want to think through a teaching or learning concern – the AIDE Team will be there! We may not know the answer, but we will do our best to connect you with the right campus resource.

If you don’t have a computer available you can also dial in using your phone.

1. Dial 877-668-4493

2. Enter access code 735 429 954 when prompted 

3. Press #

4. Press # again when asked for an attendee number


We are here to support your success.  Please contact us if you need assistance or have questions.  View the Important Contacts and Hours to reach the College departments and services

Since the College is physically closed, use of Athletic Facilities is not permitted at this time.

While the Athletic Facilities may be physically closed, the Athletic Department staff are available by phone and email. Coaches and Athletic Administrators will continue contact with student-athletes, to support their success during a difficult time. Do not hesitate to contact them.

The NJCAA has ruled that it is not permissible to have any organized or structured practice or game athletic participation. However, student-athletes are encouraged to work out, stay in-shape, and work on their skills at home while abiding by social distancing guidelines for their area.

No baseball student-athlete will be charged a year of eligibility for Spring 2020. Therefore, first year baseball participants will still have two years to play at BHCC; and second year participants will still have one remaining season at BHCC (or another NJCAA college if they choose to transfer).

Currently, the NJCAA requires ALL student-athletes to be enrolled full-time even if the number of credits needed to graduate is less than 12. However, the NJCAA Enrollment Committee is currently exploring all options, and a decision on whether or not this might change should be made before the new academic year.

The student should go to the BHCC Athletics' main webpage and complete the Prospective Athlete form located there. Information from this form will be forwarded to the specific sport coach.

The basic requirements are: high school transcript; full-time enrollment during the semester(s) of the sport season; a current physical clearing the student to play sports; and a tryout period will be scheduled by the coach(s). Further requirements differ if the student has attended other colleges, played that sport at a college, and GPA/number of credits obtained at other colleges. If a student attended another college(s), they will need to be able to submit an official college transcript – whether or not they plan on transferring any classes into BHCC, for evaluation by Athletic Department staff. Any specific eligibility questions can be directed to the Assistant Athletic Director, Sercan Fenerci.

With regards to continuing athletic participation on the team, the student-athlete should be in contact with their coach. Only coaches make decisions on playing time. When it comes to questions of academic eligibility, the coach or Sercan Fenerci can be contacted.

The College has published a directory of offices and services that can assist students through their college experience. Additionally, a specific Coronavirus updates page can help students to navigate during this time.

 How do I get access to digital materials from the Library and Learning Commons?

To secure library barcodes and passwords from the Library and Learning Commons, please use the following link: https://bhcc-mass.libwizard.com/f/offcampusaccess