BHCC Goals

Create Pathways and Partnerships to Promote Student Success

BHCC will strengthen and coordinate public and private sector pathways and partnerships leading to college readiness; student internships; dual enrollment; mentoring; career opportunities; practica, civic engagement and learning communities.

Demonstrate Strength through Diversity

BHCC will demonstrate the value of diversity by modeling successful college initiatives; collaborating with public and private sectors to expand diversity interests; strengthening college hiring, promotion and retention practices; and closing achievement gaps among all student populations.

Develop and Cultivate College-wide Sustainability Initiatives

BHCC will raise institutional and individual awareness of and commitment to the responsible use of natural resources.

Expand Technology throughout the College

BHCC will provide software, hardware, infrastructure, social networking, internet, multimedia, repository, and other extended technology resources required to maintain institutional excellence and increase student success.

Foster Wellness, Growth and Lifelong Learning

BHCC will address the holistic needs of the college community by expanding student support interventions and strategies, and by increasing faculty and staff professional development.

Identify and Close Workforce Gaps

BHCC will design and align curricula to meet current and future high-demand employer needs.

Institute a Culture of Evidence and Accountability

BHCC will collect, analyze and use data for assessment of academic programs, non-academic departments, and college-wide decision making.