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Click for App instructions for EBSCO eBooks

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Creating an EBSCO Mobile App Account and access the EBSCO databases.


Search any EBSCO database from your mobile phone or tablet.  Start at the search screen of any EBSCO database.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the link for iPhone and Android Apps.

Once you click on the iPhone and Android apps link, you will receive a popup box asking for your email address. 

 Follow the directions on the email you receive.

After you download the app and click on the authentication key, you will have access to the mobile app version of EBSCO.  

It will search all of library's EBSCO databases at the same time.  To search only one or two at a time tap on Settings to deselect the databases you do not want to include.  Search results will have full text icons if the full text is available. Tap on the arrow to see the abstract, open the full text, email the full text and save the article

Accessing the EBSCO eBooks Mobile App

Go to the following website to learn how to access eBooks from EBSCO on your mobile device:


EBSCO eBooks App Website



Accessing the Gale Mobile App


The App for Gale is called Access My Library

For information on how to download this App, go to the following website:

In addition, you can download the app at Google Play: