Registration Information

Course Offerings and Availability

Use the search for courses and course sections on SelfService to see what courses are being offered. View directions on How to Search for Availability of Classes.

Fall 2017

  • BHCC Certificate and Degree Seeking Students Currently Enrolled in Spring Courses will begin registering (Staggered Online Registration - see information below) between April 5 and April 12, 2017. 
  • Non-degree (guest) Students Currently Enrolled in Spring Courses and active certificate and degree seeking students who are not enrolled in Spring courses will begin registering on April 13, 2017.
  • Newly accepted students will receive information about advising & registration in their acceptance email.
  • New Non-degree Seeking (Guest) Students Begin Registering on May 3, 2017.

Spring 2018 - coming soon

Summer 2018 - coming soon

Staggered Online Registration

To help students register for the courses they need to complete their program of study, continuing student registration will be staggered. Staggered registration begins with currently enrolled degree and certificate seeking students who have completed the most credits, including developmental courses and transfer credit.

Currently enrolled students register online beginning on a designated start date and continue to register through the end of the registration period.  Students will still be able to login and register even if they miss their priority deadline.

Currently enrolled certificate and degree seeking students will receive an email prior to the start of registration with information about their scheduled start date for registration.  This information is also available in the Student Planning tab of BHCCselfservice.

  1. Log in.
  2. Click on the Students Menu.
  3. Under Academic Planning, select Student Planning.
  4. Under “It’s Registration Time” Click the plan and schedule link.
  5. Press the left arrow button to change to Fall Semester 2017. If you get an error when clicking the arrow, click the plus sign to add Fall Semester 2017, then try again.
  6. See your registration date and time. 

All Students Registering for Classes MUST

  • Show a BHCC ID card or a government issued photo ID if registering in person;
  • Provide or have provided a completed Application for Massachusetts In-State Tuition form or have applied to the College online and certified eligibility to receive the in-state tuition rate, and
  • Provide proof of meeting course prerequisites by either:
    • Placement Testing;
    • Completion of appropriate BHCC coursework; or
    • Providing a transcript from another accredited institution verifying completion of appropriate coursework with a passing grade.
    • All outstanding registration holds and prior financial obligations must be addressed prior to registering.

How to Register

Active students:  Students currently enrolled and students who have attended within the last year

Currently enrolled students and students who have attended within the last year register online during designated registration periods at Online registration is a convenient and simple way of registering for your classes. Register from anywhere that you have access to the internet.

Newly accepted students:

Newly accepted students, newly accepted transfer students, readmitted students and newly accepted ESL students (students who will be taking English as Second Language Courses in their first semester with the College) must attend a mandatory advising and registration session to be cleared to register for courses (see your acceptance email and the Ready Set Go checklist for details).

Students who have attended BHCC in the past 5 year:

If you have not attended BHCC during the last two semester but have attended BHCC within the last 5 years, go to our Apply Now page and choose: I am a returning BHCC student (enrolled in the past 5 years) option.  BHCC will reactivate your account and send you a confirmation email.

New non-degree seeking/guest students:

New non-degree seeking/guest students (who have not applied for and been accepted for admissions), and students who have encountered issues with the online registration system may register in-person with a completed registration form and a government issued photo ID.

New non-degree seeking students (guests) are not initially eligible for online registration; continuing non-degree seeking students (guest) register online in subsequently enrolled semesters.

Walk-in registration will take place at the Admissions & Registration Desk, and at the Enrollment Office on the Chelsea Office on the following days and times.

Community Education/non-credit courses

Students register online for Community Education courses; instructions for registering are available on the Community Education webpage.  For more information regarding non-credit courses, contact the Community Education Office at 617-228-2462.

Make Payment Arrangements


Payment arrangements must be made at the time of registration


Payment arrangements must be made by payment deadlines



Bunker Hill Community College’s waitlist system gives students a fair and equitable opportunity to add courses that are currently closed but might become available in the future. You may add yourself to the waitlist for one section of a closed or waitlisted course; you may also register for an open seat in another section of that same course. Our system reviews openings at the end of each day and sends out an automated email to your BHCC email account, allowing students a 24 hour window to register for the course (and pay). At the end of the next day if you have not registered for the opening, an email will go out to the next person on the waitlist. Waitlists end at the close of business on the last official day of registration; no waitlists exist during our schedule adjustment (add/drop) period with the exception of late start and mini session courses.

Schedule Adjustment (add/drop)

At the close of business on the last official day of registration (Academic calendar) the schedule adjustment (add/drop) period begins. Students should make the adjustment online and make full payment at the time of the adjustment. Students who have difficulty and are unable to process a schedule adjustment online should seek assistance at the Admissions & Registration desk on the Charlestown Campus or the Enrollment Office on the Chelsea Campus. Failure to do so will result in the dropping of all courses. Students who drop a course before the schedule adjustment deadline will receive a refund.  There are no refunds after the posted schedule adjustment deadlines.  The schedule adjustment period ends at 11:59 p.m. on the schedule adjustment deadline date.

Students may add a course during schedule adjustment period if:

  • a seat is open
  • you have completed all the course prerequisites.
  • you make full payment, or, if you are using financial aid, you notify the Financial Aid Office that you’ve added a course.

Students may drop a course online up until 11:59 p.m. on the schedule adjustment deadline listed in the Academic Calendar.

Additional Registration Related Information


Parking at the Charlestown and Chelsea College campuses is restricted to permit holders.  To park on campus, purchase a BHCC parking permit online.  Go to the BHCC online services:, click on Students and then Purchase a Parking Permit.

BHCC Student ID Card (OneCard)

BHCC students are required to carry a current BHCC OneCard while on campus.  To obtain a BHCC Identification Card (ID), take a copy of your class schedule and government issued photo ID to the Charlestown Campus ID station in the Library (Room E300), or Chelsea Campus ID station (Room 202) to get your picture taken. For more information and ID Station hours, see Get Your BHCC Student ID Card.

Please note, all students must carry a current, valid Student ID at all times on campus and present it upon request by any college official.  A student’s first ID card is free upon admission to the College.  There is a fee for replacement cards.

Enrollment Verifications

Students who require proof of enrollment status must access log on the College portal and access the Enrollment Verification system online.

Course Prerequisites

Some courses require that students meet certain conditions prior to registering, known as prerequisites. Prerequisites include completion of lower-level courses with a grade of C or higher; completion of Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs); and or admission to a specific program of study. Students must bring proof of course completion from another college or university at the time of registration.

Repeating a Course

Students may repeat only courses in which they earn a grade of D, F, W, WA, or NA. The grade earned in the final attempt automatically becomes the official grade for purposes of calculating grade point average and for determining eligibility for graduation. The grades for each attempt, however, are recorded on the student’s transcript. Certain courses in the health programs must be repeated until the student earns a grade of A or B. When this exception applies the college notifies the student.

Students can petition the Academic Record’s Office to repeat a course when they have obtained a grade of C or better but should recognize that they do so at substantial risk.  Repeating a course when the earlier attempt is a C or better is allowed only if the higher course grade is a course prerequisite or program requirement to continue in or enter a specific academic program.

Auditing a Course

Students desiring to audit a course must obtain permission from the Registrar or designee. Audit students must pay full tuition and fees. The audit request must be made at the time of registration, and once approved may not be changed to a graded course. An audit course may not be transferred or used toward graduation requirements.

Withdrawal from a Course or College

A student may withdraw from a course and/or college only during the semester in which she/he is registered, and by the date specified for each semester in the academic calendar. Course and college withdrawals are not processed retroactively and students who withdraw from a course and/or the college are not entitled to a refund.

Federal financial aid recipients may be subject to the reduction of their financial aid if they partially or completely withdraw from their courses.  All financial aid recipients are responsible for all cost incurred for tuition fees, books and related costs should their financial aid be revised or canceled.  Future financial aid may also be affected.  Students who receive financial aid should check with the Financial Aid office about the implications of withdrawal.

To withdraw from a course and/or the college, a student must complete and submit the withdrawal form at the Enrollment Desk, main lobby, B Building, Charlestown campus or at the Enrollment Office on the Chelsea campus.

Grading and Transcripts

  • Please refer to the college catalog for a copy of the grading and notation system and computation of grade point average.
  • Grades are not mailed.  All enrolled students have access to view grades and unofficial transcripts in their online account, myBHCC.  Assistance with accessing your account is available at our Self Service Counter in the main lobby of the B Building, Charlestown campus and at the Enrollment Office on the Chelsea campus. 
  • Official transcripts must be ordered and paid for online.