Dual Enrollment Programs

High school students from Greater Boston area schools can earn high school and college credits simultaneously while gaining familiarity with the college experience through BHCC’s dual enrollment programs. 

Why participate in the Dual Enrollment Program?

  • Obtain college credit that can be transferred to many colleges and universities
  • Take a course that is not offered in high school
  • Explore potential majors and learn more about the college experience
  • Improve high school transcript
  • Enrich college applications
  • Gain confidence in the ability to succeed in college

Steps you need to take to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program

During your Junior or Senior year of high school:

  1. Talk to your guidance counselor about taking a class at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) next semester. You can also contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator at 617-228-3319 and 617-228-3216, or dualenroll@bhcc.mass.edu.
  2. Apply to the Dual Enrollment Program.
  3. Take the Accuplacer College Placement Test at the College’s Assessment Center.
  4. Register for a course by making an appointment with BHCC Dual Enrollment Staff.
  5. Attend a mandatory orientation session before classes begin.