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Faculty of the Department

The business administration department has a variety of faculty that bring both practical, professional experience and disciplinary strength to the college. We have created an area of excellence within the business department and strive to deliver a consistent and comprehensive product of relevant and timely business education to the BHCC student.

Professor & Department Chair: Anthony D. Fontes III
Office: B122-B (class schedule and office hours posted)
Phone: 617-228-2252
Email: afontes@bhcc.edu

Assistant Professor Hilaire Jean-Gilles
Office: B122-K (class schedule and office hours posted)
Phone: 617-228-2186
Email: hjgilles@bhcc.edu

Professor Daze S. Lee
Office: B122J (class schedule and office hours posted)
Phone: 617-228-2043
Email: dlee7571@bhcc.edu

Associate Professor Wissal Nouchrif
Office: B122I (class schedule and office hours posted)
Phone: 617-228-2347
Email: wnouchri@bhcc.edu

Assistant Professor Tendai W. Nyakurimwa
Office: B122D (class schedule and office hours posted)
Phone: 617-228-3249
Email: twnyakur@bhcc.edu

Associate Professor Kristen Callahan, MSF, CFP
Office Number: B122-G
Phone: 617-228-3227

Assistant Professor Youssef Sabouni
Office Number: B226-H
Phone: 617-228-2263.
Email: ysabouni@bhcc.edu

Associate Professor Jennifer T Sherman
Office: B122-C
Office Phone: 617-228-3243
Email: Jennifer.sherman@bhcc.edu