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Academic Computing Center

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The Academic Computing Centers house 1,193 computers throughout the Charlestown and Chelsea Campuses. These centers support business administration, graphic arts/media, computer programming/micro applications, office administration, communications, networking, multi-media and supplemental applications for liberal arts courses. All computers on the network have access to the internet. Each center is also equipped with resources to support students with disabilities. To learn about the policies and procedures for using the Academic Computing Centers, students may stop by either location and speak with a staff member.

The Chelsea Campus now offers 100 percent wireless access through hotspots that are located throughout the building. Chelsea Campus computer facilities include two computer classrooms, nine smart classrooms, and an Academic Computing Center that supports online tutoring. Chelsea Campus technology supports students enrolled in computer-intensive courses and provides supplemental resources to students enrolled in other courses. Assistive technology, including the Kurzweil Reading System that assists students who are vision-impaired or who have reading and related learning disabilities, is available through the Academic Computing Center. For more information call 617-228-3355.