Course Reserves

Faculty and staff members can put items on Course Reserves for students to use during the academic semester. These items may include books, journal articles, movies, and other material supporting BHCC classes. Reserve materials are available at the Lending Services Desk on a limited basis.


  • Reserve items may be borrowed by current students only. Bring your ID card (with your library barcode on the back) to the Lending Services Desk to ask for the item.
  • Reserve items are organized by instructor's last name and course, so make sure you have this information or search for it before coming to the Lending Services Desk. You can search for classes by name, professor or course number.
  • Give yourself enough time to use the materials. Most Reserve items can be borrowed for two hours and are for use in the library only. If no one is waiting for the item, you may renew it.
  • You can also make photocopies. Copies are ten cents per side. The copy machines accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and one- and five-dollar bills. The machines do not give change unless you make at least one copy. The library does not give change.
  • You can view DVDs on the library computers or on your own laptop.


To put items on Reserve:

  • Please contact us to establish your course reserves for the semester or year.
  • Complete an electronic form (below), or a paper copy from the Lending Services Desk, and bring the form and your items to the Lending Services Desk.
  • You can put items on Reserve for the 2023-2024 academic year, or for the current semester only.
  • Allow the library staff five to seven days (excluding weekends) to process your items.
  • Most Reserves are set to a two-hour in-library-use-only loan period, but you can set a different time period if you want
  • To prevent loss, we will ask for your permission to paste 3M Tattle Tape in some or all reserve books (not DVDs or other media). 
  • Reserve items submitted without the accompanying form will be placed on reserve for the remainder of the academic year (fall through summer) for a 2-hour loan period. 3M Tattle Tape may be placed in these books.

At the end of the semester:

  • You may remove your items, renew them for another semester, or donate them to the library.
  • Renewals are not automatic, so we will send you an email reminder if necessary.
  • Reserve items may be retrieved only by the person who submitted them or the instructor of the course in which the items were used.

Please note: The BHCC Library does not recommend that the Reserves system be used as an alternative to purchasing a required textbook.

View, download, and/or print the Reserves Intake Form here. 

This is a Word Document that you can fill out and bring with you when you bring your items to the library to be put on Reserves or you can fill out this document out and send back by email to

To add, renew, or remove your Reserves, or to ask questions, please contact the library by email: or by telephone: 617-228-2213.


Andrew McLaughlin

Bunker Hill Community College Library
Room: E330
Telephone: 617-936-1959