ELL Program Reform at BHCC

As part of the "Building the Framework for Success" AANAPISI Grant received by Bunker Hill Community College in the fall of 2016, the ESL Department began the process of revising its ESL program to accelerate students’ progression into content classes. Informed by student data at BHCC and our own faculty-led research on best ESL teaching practices, we devised a more accelerated and streamlined course sequence with thematic and integrated-skills ELL classes, many which are linked to credit content classes. In Spring 2018, we began developing and teaching pilot ELL courses based on this new model.

ELL Course Descriptions

From Spring 2018 - Spring 2020, the new ELL pilot model and sequence proved highly successful based on both student and teacher focus group data as well as data showing exiting BHCC ELL pilot students completing gateway courses at the same or higher rates than non-ELL students. During that time, the ESL Department began to institutionalize components of this reform, such as formally adopting a new mission statement, defining new course and program outcomes, and changing our name to the ELL Department. In spring of 2020, these changes were formally institutionalized by approval of the General Education Standards committee and College Forum with a streamlined 3 course ELL sequence with each course earning 6 credits of transferable credit.