Health Services

The Health Services Office is currently operating Virtually.

Once in-person services resume, the Health Services Office provides the following: assistance with minor injuries, common illnesses, health education, and health referrals for the College community. Information and assistance with multi-cultural health concerns and educational materials are also available.

Once in-person services resume, individuals with continuing medical problems such as seizure disorders, asthma, heart disease, pregnancy and other conditions who may need care while on campus should notify the Health Services Office early in the semester. This contact should provide information regarding continuing medical problems, a list of current medications, any drug allergies, emergency contact person’s name and phone number.

Health Promotion and Public Health Programs

Awareness and responsible action are necessary components to maintain maximum health. To encourage people to be responsible for their own health, the Health Services Office provides, a number of health promotion and public health programs including:

  • Information on substance abuse, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Health prevention information on all health-related topics such as cardiovascular health, domestic violence, cancer, smoking cessation, exercise, and nutrition
  • Adult immunization referral
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Men’s health issues counseling and referral
  • Nutrition counseling and referral
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
  • STD counseling and referral
  • Tuberculosis testing referral
  • Wellness promotion
  • Women’s health issues counseling and referral
  • Other employee health/injury concerns

All Health Services contact is confidential.

Charlestown Campus, Room E154
Phone: 617-228-2274
Emergency Phone Extension 2222

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.