Transitions to College Program

Designed for students currently or previously enrolled in an adult education program, the BHCC’s Transitions to College Program or TCP is a yearlong program funded by the Department of Education. TCP enables students to enroll in college-level courses by learning the essential skills needed to be successful students. Classes are offered at no cost to students. Textbooks and other materials needed for participation are provided. 

Fall Semester (up to 12 credits):

  • HUM 120-TC - Self, Culture and Society (3 credits)
  • CIT-110-TC Computer Applications and Concepts (3 credits)

Spring Semester (up to 15 credits):

  • Students are encouraged to take courses in their program of study {major} or prerequisites for higher level courses.
  • Students will receive vouchers that will pay for 2 classes of their choice

Summer Semester: (up to 9 credits)

  • Optional (If needed): Math course, MAT093, Foundations of Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Optional (If needed): Integrated course, ELL102 or ELL103 (6 credits)

Transitions to College staff connects students to the many academic and social resources the campus has to offer. These resources include the College’s Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC), Library & Learning Commons, the Counseling, Prevention, and Wellness Center, the Commonwealth Honors Program, and the many Student Activities and Clubs. The power of TCP is in the support students receive. Starting with the admissions process and continuing through graduation, Transitions students benefit from guidance specifically intended to help adult learners be successful in their college experience.

Application process

1. Be a current student or graduate from an Adult Basic Education Program.  Are you or did you take ESOL/HISET/GED classes in one of these programs/schools? View the Adult Education program directory at

2.  Apply to BHCC and choose a program of study. Explore the degrees and certificates offered at BHCC.

3.  Take the BHCC assessments for English and Math.

  1. Take the Guided Placement Survey for English 
  2. Take the Guided Self-Placement Math Test

4.  Fill out the Transitions to College Application Form.

Once you have completed steps 1-4 and submitted your forms, someone from the program will contact you.

Questions? Please contact

Important Dates

  • October 1 – Fall 2024 TCP application is available. 
  • As soon as possible – Complete application to BHCC due. 
  • February 1 – TCP application due.

Learn more about Transition to Community College Programs

As you are no doubt aware, the Transition programs are free to all students and are meant to ensure the successful transition of adult students into postsecondary education. I invite you to review these profiles and reach out to the Transition Coordinators for more information You can learn more at Transition to Community College Programs

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