Personal Trainer Certification Program

Turn your passion for fitness into a rewarding career

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Earn your Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) by taking our hybrid program and position yourself for success in the world of personal health and wellness.

Hybrid Personal Trainer Certification - National Certification Exam Voucher Included (Virtual lectures + In-person practical skills labs) - $1,299.00

Equip yourself with all the essential information to embark on an exciting fitness career and become a Certified Personal Trainer. Channel your passion for fitness into a profession with our only IN-PERSON hands-on practical skill labs, setting us apart in the industry.

Our virtual "instructor-led" lectures, covering core knowledge, are expertly guided by Laurie Gorman, MS, and are held weekly at scheduled times. The hands-on skills lab segment of the course is led by a seasoned fitness trainer at Crunch Fitness.

Throughout the course, you'll delve into topics encompassing 15 hours of anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, nutrition, and more. Our in-person practical skill labs provide you with the opportunity to role-play and thoroughly master crucial "hands-on skills." This includes assessing clients, devising effective stretching routines, implementing purposeful cardio warm-ups/cool-downs, conducting exercise analysis, and designing customized exercise programs.

The course package includes national test vouchers (a $450 value) and offers additional access to our online video-enhanced CPT course, allowing you to review lectures and labs at no extra cost. Additionally, we offer an optional 30-hour employer internship (Level 2 Certification) that can significantly boost your prospects with local employers who highly value our unique certification.

Our primary focus is your success, and the tools we provide are designed to propel you towards your goals. Upon successfully completing the course, you'll have the capability to design and lead assessment tests for clients, create tailored stretching regimens, and orchestrate purposeful cardio warm-ups/cool-downs. You'll also be adept at analyzing exercises and designing programs using free weights, exercise tubing, machines, and bodyweight exercises, all tailored to your clients' unique needs and abilities.

Our class holds NCCA Accreditation, a testament to our commitment to excellence and a credential highly sought after by employers in the field. Join us in shaping a successful fitness career!

Course Material: The tuition does not include the course manual. You may purchase the manual either e-Book or physical copy through W.I.T.S. See below for textbook ordering instructions. Upon receiving your material you will be able to begin your course.

In this comprehensive seven-week hybrid course, your learning journey will encompass both virtual, instructor-led lectures and hands-on, in-person practical skill labs conducted at Crunch Fitness. As you progress through the program, you will have the opportunity to take the national certification exam, made accessible to you through the included exam voucher, as part of your tuition package.   

Who Should Enroll

  • Fitness enthusiasts or anyone seeking a new career in the health and fitness industry
  • People looking to improve their training methods to achieve their goals safely and efficiently.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and describe basic anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology
  • Assess an individual’s level of fitness using ACSM guidelines
  • Design and customize exercise programs
  • Demonstrate proper execution of resistance, cardio-respiratory and flexibility exercises
  • Identify and demonstrate at least one strength exercise for every major muscle group
  • Explain ACSM and AHA recommendations for cardiovascular exercise


  • Minimum 18 Years of age
  • High School Diploma or GED


Title: Fitness Professional's Handbook 8th Edition With HKPropel Access
ISBN: 9781718217829
Arthur: Barbara Bushman
Publisher: Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL
List price for Physical Copy with Online Resource: $109.00
List price for Ebook with Online Resource: $82.50

You may order a physical copy of the book or the Ebook. Shipping costs apply to the cost of ordering the physical copy. If you purchase the Ebook, you will receive on the same day of purchase. Use one of the links below to purchase your book.

Paperback Version


Fitness Professional's Handbook 8th Edition Ebook With HKPropel Access
Fitness Professional’s Handbook translates key concepts into practical application by guiding the reader through screening participants, conducting fitness tests, evaluating the major components of fitness, and prescribing appropriate exercise.

Employment Outlook

The U.S. Dept. of Labor predicts a 8% increase in employment projections for Fitness Trainers from 2014-2024. National average hourly wage is $25.  Be your own boss! Supplement your current salary or work full time as a personal trainer.

Workshop Content

Lectures (15 hours)

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy
  • Biomechanics and Applied Kinesiology
  • Health Screenings
  • Fitness Testing
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Exercise
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Flexibility

Practical (15 hours)

  • Fitness Assessments
  • Client Rapport
  • Biomechanics of Exercise
  • Equipment Usages
  • Weight Training Techniques

To achieve the National Personal Fitness Trainer Certification

  • Students must pass both a written and practical skills exam to be a Level 1 Certified Personal.
  • Attendance is not required unless you are getting college credits.  (This course has optional 3 college credits through the American Council on Education)
  • Adult CPR/AED is required for the certification to be issued*
  • Students have an option for a bonus Level 2 Certification by completing a 30-hour internship through W.I.T.S.  An employer list is given to all students to start their careers.
  • Course requirements must be completed within 12 months of the original course start date
  • The 2-year renewal period is based on the original course completion date

*Once passed, you need the CPR/AED within 60 days of the exam date.  At that point, your certificate will be issued.

Level 2 certification is achieved when you complete your Level 1 exam followed by a 30-hour employer mentored internship.

This course is approved or accredited by the following groups:

  • NCCA: National Commission for Certifying Agencies (written & practical skill competency exams)
  • ACE: American Council on Education (3 college credits)
  • NIRSA: National Intramural Recreation & Sports Association


No current courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom will I be certified through?

After successfully passing the exams, you will be certified through the World Instructor Training School (W.I.T.S.), a leader in the fitness industry and the only group that teaches and tests in the practical skill of the job.

Is W.I.T.S. an accredited organization?

W.I.T.S. is approved and accredited by many higher learning institutions. These organizations include the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Is there a test given or is this a prep class?

Our national test dates conveniently run throughout the country. A bonus TEST VOUCHER is included with the 5-week course. We will teach primarily how to be a successful personal trainer. Passing our written and practical skill exams will make you a nationally Certified Personal Trainer Level 1. You will be able to work right away Certified Personal Trainer Level 2 is available as a bonus for no extra cost with the completion of the 30-hour employer internship. In many cases, the internship list we provide walks you into new jobs!

Is a textbook required?

Yes, we require a fantastic resource called the Fitness Professionals Handbook 7th Ed. The hardback book is only $99.95 and the e Book is available for $74.00. Check out Amazon as they have great specials all the time too.

When is proof of CPR/AED due?

The valid CPR/AED card is required after the national certification exams. The CPR/AED may be obtained through groups like colleges, fire departments, Red Cross, and the American Heart Association.

Is the internship provided?

Yes. We send our students who are now Level 1 Certified Trainers a courtesy list of pre-approved employer facilities. We help in all phases but ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to contact and complete the internship. As a bonus, you will receive the Level 2 Certified Personal Trainer at no additional cost. This helps walk you into jobs!

Do I have to renew my national certification like other professions?

Yes. Your certification is valid for 2-years and is very easy to renew by completing our free monthly webinars or complete courses directly related to the field. Every reputable health occupation certification requires continuing education.

Is there job placement?

A majority of the students are hired directly from our internship sites. W.I.T.S. provides a list of available sites that work with us annually all over N. America. This networking with local employers is a unique service provided by W.I.T.S. to our students benefit. Large groups like Crunch Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Anytime Fitness and thousands of others hire our graduates.

What happens if I do not pass?

W.I.T.S allows students two retests within 12 months of the original course start date. We offer 4-national retest dates to help you successfully pass the exams and achieve your goals. There is a discounted exam fee per exam.