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Turbulent Remains

Turbulent Remains

Turbulent Remains-Three Women Artists Explore the Boundaries of Climate Change

Eduin Fraga

Eduin Fraga

Experience the powerful storytelling of these immersive and biographical collage-paintings that reflect the dignity, humanity, and creativity of regular people in both Cuba and beyond.


Larry Spotted Crow Mann is a member of the Nipmuc Tribe of Massachusetts. He is an award-winning writer, poet, cultural educator, traditional story teller, tribal drummer/dancer and motivational speaker involving youth sobriety and cultural and environmental awareness.

Jimmy Valdez Osako

Jimmy Valdez Osako 3

The Creative Exile of Jimmy Valdez Osaku, at the Mary L. Fifield Art Gallery from September 7, 2020 to April 23, 2021, features the art and poetry of New York-based Jimmy Valdez Osaku in a powerful exploration of loss, loneliness, and endurance.

Maddu Huacuja

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An exhibition of works that celebrate dignity and cultural wealth by dispelling the myths and misperceptions about migrants.

John Munson

John Munson Morocco

Photographer John Munson takes us on a journey with his deeply moving images.  In this series of photographs, generations of history, figures of people known and unknown and remembrances of landscapes and city streets converge in a cultural intersection that is both personal and universal.