Tutoring and Academic Support Center

Summer Hours are Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The TASC physical space will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19, but staff will still be supporting and enhancing student learning and academic success by offering online tutoring via WebEx. Subjects include Accounting, Psychology, Sociology, Computers, Sciences, all college level Math, and additional subjects. Please email Tasc@bhcc.edu to find out more.

Are you looking to virtually meet with an English tutor? Email us at Tasc@bhcc.edu and we will make you an appointment. We will explain how to submit your paper electronically and what information we need from you about your assignment.

If you have tutoring needs during times that we are not open, please use SmarThinking. "Students can work live one-on-one with a tutor in a whiteboard environment, submit a paper to get feedback from a tutor, or post a question and have a tutor respond to it later. Students can log into SmarThinking directly from Moodle - no need to log in separately. Subjects offered include: Math, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Nursing, Writing, and more." You will find SmarThinking on AIDE Resources.

Summer 2021 Schedule

 TASC Summer 2021 Schedule

About the Tutoring and Academic Support Center

The Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC) supports and enhances student learning and academic success by offering a variety of traditional and non-traditional services to all BHCC students. The TASC offers tutorial assistance, small group workshops, and academic support to students enrolled in credit-bearing courses. Students are offered a wide range of services to support their work in basic academic skills as well as on course-specific work in their programs. Students may register for weekly, individual, and group appointments.

These services are offered in a student-centered atmosphere.

Major areas of concentration on the Charlestown campus are English and writing, English Language Learning (ELL), mathematics (College level and higher), computers, science, business, behavioral science, human services and early childhood education. Other subject areas may be added on an as-needed basis. The TASC also offers 18 student computer stations where students may type papers, do research or access the Internet.