The College's strategic goals, strategies and major college initiatives are found in the Strategic Plan.

Each College initiative is directly aligned with one or more of BHCC’s five goals. Learn more about each initiative at the links provided. This page will continue to be updated with more information, so please check back for more information..

Goal 1: Foster Student Success

Promote data-informed, high impact innovations in teaching, learning and student development that lead to increased rates of engagement, persistence, retention, completion and transfer.


Goal 2: Strengthen Career, Transfer and Workforce Readiness

Prepare students for fulfilling 21st century careers that meet Greater Boston’s workforce needs through credentialed, non-credit, stackable and transferable programs.


Goal 3: Advance Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Advance diversity, inclusion, and equity in all areas of the College and integrate the cultural wealth of our students, faculty, staff and communities into the life of the institution.


Goal 4: Build Partnerships and Pathways

Foster reciprocal, sustainable relationships with civic, educational, and community partners to increase access, promote college readiness, and facilitate seamless pathways to post-secondary study.


Goal 5: Develop the College’s Infrastructure

Develop the College’s capacity to support student success through learner-centered facilities, strategic communication, enhanced information technology, and fiscal stewardship.