Immunization Requirements

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, General Law  105CMR 200.600  requires proof of immunizations from the following students:

  1. All full-time students in a Degree or Certificate program (12 or more credits), and
  2. All health science students – both full-time and part-time (note that health profession programs will require additional health records and requirements*) and
  3. All students on a student or other visa - both full-time and part-time (including foreign exchange students and those students visiting or attending classes while on academic visitation or exchange program).

All of the student groups noted must submit proof of immunizations for the following: measles, mumps, rubella (MMR); hepatitis B; varicella (chickenpox); tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap); and Meningococcal.

*Students in the health profession programs must also present evidence of immunity to Meningitis, Influenza Vaccination, screening for Tuberculosis, Physical Exam, and  American Heart Associate CPR certification.  Health students must submit immunizations and health documents before attending clinical. 

Students who fail to present the required information within 30 days of the date of registration may not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters  until the immunization form is received by  Student Central. Immunization forms become part of the student’s permanent file and cannot be copied, transferred or returned.


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Frequently Asked Immunization Questions

Massachusetts state law requires all full-time students and all health professions students (part-time and full-time) to be immunized within 30 days of initial enrollment.

Full-time status is registered for 12 or more credits (i.e. credits attempted).

As soon as possible! State law requires students to be immunized within 30 days of initial enrollment.

You will be prevented from registering for upcoming semesters.

You are in compliance (i.e. have met this requirement) at this time. Please note however, you need to get your second shot 1 month after your 1st shot and the 3rd shot 6 months thereafter, and send us documentation after each of these 2 remaining shots. You will not get a hold if you don’t get the required subsequent shots in a timely manner.

No. You simply need to submit a copy of your immunization records. Do not submit the originals; keep them for your records.

Copies are not only sufficient, but recommended! We recommend that you hold onto your original immunization records and/or signed Immunization form - and just give us a copy. You may need these original documents for other purposes.

Yes. You may make the request in person at Student Central or by contacting the Academic Records Office.

The records need to be translated to English. A copy of the original should be submitted with the translated version.

If you are able to do so, contact the doctor or facility from who/where you received your immunizations and have them complete and sign the back page of the immunization form.

Otherwise, contact your current primary care physician, or other health professional, to identify the next steps for your particular situation.

Check with your health insurance carrier to see if it will pay for, or reduce, the cost of the immunizations.

Contact your primary care physician, if you have one. If not, places like CVS Minute Clinic or Doctors Express generally stock the immunizations needed, but it is advised that you call ahead to confirm availability of the vaccines and any out of pocket expense.

You will need to submit a signed statement by a physician indicating that it is not medically advisable to be immunized. Submit the signed statement with the immunization form (check the appropriate box in section #2 on the front page of the form, and sign and date the form).

You will need to submit a signed statement stating that becoming immunized conflicts with your sincere religious beliefs. Submit the signed statement with the immunization form (check the appropriate box in section #2 on the front page of the form, and sign and date the form).


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