Testing Accommodation Guidelines

If you plan to seek a test taking accommodation through Disability Support Services, you must follow these guidelines. 

  1. Provide DSS with documentation of a disability by a qualified health care provider, including a licensed physician or psychologist.   This documentation must reference the testing accommodation requested.
  2. Testing accommodations must be arranged with DSS at the beginning of each semester.  DSS staff will provide a Confidential Needs Assessment Form (signed by you and a DSS staff person) to present to your professor, who will also sign the form. A copy is provided for all parties.  This is an agreement for the entire semester, in order that your needs will be met for testing.
  3. Please refer to your class syllabus for all testing dates.  Tests must be booked as soon as possible after assigned by the professor. Please plan to book a testing appointment at least one week in advance in order for DSS to reserve a room and/or computer, request and obtain the test from the professor, and make arrangements for a test monitor. During mid-terms and final exams, please book your test as early as possible. Many students will be testing, and space can be limited. Ways to book an exam include: 
    • In person at the DSS office – E222
    • Email DSStestproctor@bhcc.edu
    • Call DSS Front Desk:  617-228-2327
    • Request the exam online using the “Test Request Form” on the BHCC – DSS – webpage
  4. A testing session must be scheduled to start at the same time as the classroom test.   For example, if the professor is giving the test at 9:00 am on Tuesday, you will be expected to arrange for a testing session at 9:00 am on the same Tuesday. The only exceptions are if there is a schedule conflict due to another class or if other arrangements are made with the professor and the DSS office.  You will not be allowed to leave the room once you begin the test, so please plan accordingly.
  5. You must be on time for your testing session.  When you book your testing session, you have reserved a block of time.  If your session is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and you arrive for your test at 9:30, you will be affecting other students’ schedules. We cannot guarantee availability of your testing room past the end of your initially scheduled block of time.
  6. You are scheduled to begin your test at the time your testing session is scheduled to begin.  Studying should be completed prior to your arrival to take your test.
  7. Testing accommodations include, but are not limited to, distraction reduced and /or extended time testing.    Distraction reduced testing means that one has a quiet place to take a test, with fewer distractions than in the regular classroom setting. There may be more than one student in a distraction reduced setting, and there will be a test proctor.  Earplugs and noise cancellation headphones are available for use during testing.  Extended time for testing is not unlimited time; it is time and a half.  For example, if you have a 60 minute test in class, you would have 90 minutes to complete your test (unless other accommodations are approved by  DSS ).
  8. No personal items, including cell phones or other electronic devices, as well as book bags, back packs, jackets, notebooks, or  purses are permitted in the testing room and must be left with Disability Support staff during test taking.  All items will be kept secure by staff during testing. The only items allowed for use are those indicated by the instructor and/or has been approved as a reasonable accommodation.   No food or drink is allowed in the testing room.
  9. Testing conditions are intended to be the same as in the classroom.  Once the test begins, one cannot leave the room.  The test is to be completed in one session, unless specified by the instructor and arranged with DSS prior to the testing session.  All scrap paper is provided by DSS.  At the completion of testing, students must leave the entire examination, including any papers used during the test, with the DSS staff member on duty.
  10. All testing is monitored.  Instances of academic dishonesty will result in the test being terminated immediately. The professor will be notified along with and the Dean of Students Office.  Academic dishonesty is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and shall be processed according to the code.
  11. Please immediately notify the test proctor or administrative assistant of any issues or problems during testing.