Frequently Asked Questions

Two years for a full-time student.

College Writing, Literature Courses, and a Writing Tutor Seminar.

Some courses are offered online and on weekends.

You can start this program at anytime. 

Yes and it meets all requirements of the Commonwealth Transfer Compact.

You would apply through enrollment services by filling out the necessary paperwork. You would then we advised to take the required placement tests for math, reading, and English.

Graduates of this concentration qualify to transfer to four-year institutions that prepare students for careers in teaching, journalism, public relations, and media communications. This concentration is of value in any career in which good communication skills are fundamental to success. Students must complete a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate to pursue a teaching career. A bachelor’s degree in English is a minimum requirement for entry-level work in careers such as publishing, advertising, public relations, and journalism. In order to advance in some fields, graduate work may be required.

Anywhere between $30,000 –$ 60,000.

BHCC has a Career Center ready to assist you. The Career Center is located on the Charlestown Campus, Room M10. Hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. For more information call 617-228-2245.

Yes, this program meets all the requirements of the Commonwealth Transfer Compact, an agreement with all MA state colleges and universities as well as a number of private institutions to ensure easy transfer.

Completion of an Associates degree with BHCC is required to fulfill the Commonwealth Transfer Compact requirements.

Yes, if you transfer to a college that is involved in the Commonwealth Transfer Compact and have earned an Associates Degree from BHCC.

All MA state colleges and universities accept the credits of an Associates of Arts Degree from BHCC. Some private institutions do as well.

A Writing Tutor Seminar is available for qualified students.

The Writing Tutor Seminar is offered at the Charlestown Campus for qualified students.

A referral from an instructor in the English Department is required.

Writing courses and literature courses are a standard of the degree. BHCC offers a variety of courses in literature. In addition, general education courses in math, science, foreign language, behavioral science, and humanities are required.