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Leadership Development

Who Can You Become?

As you become more involved on campus, and new experiences and opportunities shape who you are, the Student Activities Office will be right there with you to support you and help you grow personally and professionally. We will work with you to help develop your leadership skills, and provide several ways you can grow into greater levels of leadership and service while enriching student life on campus.

The BHCC Student Leadership and Engagement Office works with a team of experienced students who serve as Student Engagement Leaders. Student Engagement Leaders assist new students in making the successful transition to Bunker Hill Community College. First and foremost, Orientation Leaders are goodwill ambassadors of the institution and serve as an additional resource to new students as they acclimate to academic and student life at BHCC. The Student Engagement Leader is a positive role model who demonstrates through their words and actions the appropriate behaviors, attitudes and values we instill in our college community. Similarly, the Student Engagement Leaders role is to support the goals of BHCC to provide excellent customer service, promote student success, and prepare students for the workforce.

The Student Engagement Leader serves as a guide to a less experienced new student with the goal of developing self-reliance and personal accountability. The Student Engagement Leader is active in helping to shape the life of another by demonstrating positive values and actions and providing active support and guidance; to positively guide a new students’ actions, attitudes and behaviors.

The Student Leadership and Engagement Office works very closely with Student Engagement Leaders, and provides them with considerable training to manage the multiple demands of their positions, empower them as resource-brokers to effectively refer students to whatever assistance and support they need, and as leaders to help shape the culture of the college through positive action, service and community development.

For more information, please email: studentactivities@bhcc.edu.

Are you interested in identifying your life purpose and discovering the talents inside of you? The Student Leadership and Engagement Office presents a 3-day Summer Leadership Retreat for Student Government Officers, Club Leaders, and New Student Mentors. Students attend workshops focused on one or more of the following:

  • Personal Growth: developing a personal mission statement, identifying personal values, and setting goals and objectives, time management
  • Leadership Challenges: leadership styles, communication and feedback skills, presentation style, etiquette, networking, how to run meetings, program planning and project management
  • Group Development: developing an agenda, recruitment and retention of members, diversity and inclusion, team-building, problem-solving, conflict resolution

Leadership Retreats are wonderful opportunities for students to build off of the skill set they already possess, and to reach their full potential. We hope you will consider aspiring to serve in a leadership position, so that you can participate in this transformational experience.

A variety of trainings, workshops and seminars are presented annually to help students develop themselves personally and professionally. Student Leadership and Engagement regularly presents Bystander Awareness Training, and Emergency Preparedness Training—both of which feature a Certificate of Completion to help you build your resume. Other trainings provided include skill building workshops in areas including Clifton Strengths, Social Justice, Event Planning, Budgeting and other areas of leadership. Consult your weekly BHCC email updates to find out when these workshops are scheduled each semester.

The Student Activities Office, the Student Government Association, Student Club Officers, and other student leaders meet regularly to discuss common concerns, develop networking opportunities and promote collaborations between different groups.  Clubs provide a report of club activities, and representatives from different departments provide updates and present opportunities for student involvement on campus.  For specific meeting dates and times, please contact the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement at (617) 228-2260 or email studentactivities@bhcc.edu.

To recognize all of the hard work and contributions our student leaders and student clubs make each year, we present an Awards Banquet to recognize their achievements. Every student club, SGA Officer, and New Student Mentor is recognized and celebrated as we conclude each Academic Year of service.