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Commencement FAQ

What is Commencement?

Commencement is the ceremony that celebrates the completion or anticipated completion of degree requirements. Graduation is the actual completion of all degree requirements and is recorded on the official transcript.  Participation in the commencement ceremony does not imply that you have officially graduated.

Commencement is May 25, 2023.

Commencement will take place at MGM Music Hall at Fenway, 2 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA 02215 - located at the intersection of Lansdowne and Ipswich Street.

Commencement begins at 11 a.m. on May 25, 2023. Check bhcc.edu/commencement for the details.

Students must submit their graduation application before the posted deadline for the term they plan to graduate, and successfully complete all requirements for their program prior to the graduation date.  Students will receive communication from the Graduation Team (Academic Records) regarding their graduation status upon receipt of their graduation application.  Updated communication will be sent throughout the term if a student’s eligibility to graduate changes. For more information please visit: https://www.bhcc.edu/studentcentral/academicrecords/graduationinformation/

The Graduation Team (Academic Records) sends the Commencement Team the names of all eligible Commencement participants throughout the spring semester.  To be eligible for Commencement, students must have submitted their graduation application prior to the deadlines posted (please visit Graduation page  https://www.bhcc.edu/studentcentral/academicrecords/graduationinformation/) and have received communication from the Graduation Team (Academic Records) that their graduation status is complete or pending completion.  The Commencement Team will reach out to eligible participants about specific details regarding the ceremony (tickets, cap and gowns, event information, etc.).

 Students who have only one or two courses (program requirements) left to complete in the Summer term and have applied for graduation, will be eligible to participate in Commencement. If students have more than two courses (program requirements) left to complete, they will be invited to participate in the following years ceremony.

Diplomas will be available for pick-up or mailing approximately 4-6 weeks after their graduation term has ended. Students will be contacted about their options via their BHCC email. Students will not receive diplomas at the Commencement Ceremony.

An email will be sent to each eligible graduate with a link to order their cap and gown. Once ordered, graduates will receive communication to pick up their cap and gown at the BHCC Bookstore. Questions should be sent to: commencement@bhcc.edu

The last day to order caps and gowns is Friday, May 19, 2023.