For Partners and Employers

Why should I become a BHCC Internship Partner?

  • Gaining a new, motivated team member who is ready to contribute
  • Find qualified, dependable and skilled future employees
  • Becoming a mentor to help shape the future workforce

How can I become a BHCC Internship Partner?

  • Fill out the Internship Partner Interest form.
  • A member of the Internships and Career Development staff will contact you once complete.

What does being a BHCC Internship Partner Look like?

  • Learn and Earn Host Site
  • Internship Host Site
  • Executive lunch host
  • Company tour host

How do I know if I need an intern?

  • You need a new perspective added to your team on organizational issues or practices
  • You need support with technology (closing your skills gap)
  • You may have a position opening in the near future
  • You need help with projects or tasks that you're struggling to complete
  • You would like to foster leadership skills in current employees
  • You need support to improve your current work environment

Any of these are great reasons to bring an intern into your organization and partner with us.

Where do I post a job/internship/volunteer opportunities for BHCC students?

  • To get started go to BHCC's online job board where organizations are can post internship and volunteer opportunities (Part-Time/Full-Time jobs, etc.) for students.

Do I have to pay my interns to be an internship partner?

  • No, BHCC has 2 different types of internship partners, the first is academic interns, they are either unpaid or underpaid positions that students participate in. The second is BHCC’s Learn and Earn Internships, this is a competitively paid internship, with a travel stipend attached. 

Is there a minimum amount of hours an intern has to do to receive credit?

  • Yes, for an internship student to get 3 credits, they need to complete 150 hours on-site and attended the internship course.

What degree’s does BHCC offer?

  • BHCC offers a number of Associates of Arts Degrees, Associate of Science degrees and certificates, please visit to see all the programs that BHCC has to offer.