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Preparing to take the ATI TEAS exam is crucial to help you earn the score you need. We offer the TEAS test prep course in Reading and Grammar as well as in Science and Math to prepare you to take the TEAS exam. The comprehensive exam tests you on four different subject areas, so thorough preparation is crucial. We recommend allowing at least 6 weeks of preparation prior to taking the TEAS. You may take one or both courses depending on your needs. Each prep course is 18 hours and takes six weeks to complete with each session being three hours in duration.

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All our TEAS prep courses are taught online and instructor led. There are no in-person classes on campus. Within two days of the course start date, the instructor will email you a meeting link to join the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

By taking this prep class, will I be guaranteed to get the score I want?

There is no score guarantee. Students come to the class with a variety of strengths, backgrounds, and levels. Additional practice beyond the class will be needed to get the score one desires. This includes regularly doing one’s homework and participating in class. Sometimes practice is needed beyond the six weeks of the course; however, the course does help to provide input on where students should focus their future studies.

How will this class help prepare me for the ATI TEAS exam?

The ATI TEAS is a standardized test. Consequently, the sections of the test, types of questions asked, overall format, and timing of the test do not change. By familiarizing oneself with these aspects of the test, learning helpful test taking tips, practicing, and applying these tips to the exam, students find their scores increase.

What will I learn in the TEAS Reading and Language Usage course?

The TEAS Reading and Language Usage course focuses on familiarizing students with the types of questions they will encounter on the TEAS. Key terms, grammar, reading, and test taking tips are spread out by theme through the six week course.

How many hours will I need to study on my own outside of class?

This varies by individual, but one should expect to spend between 3-6 hours a week in addition to the three hour class.

What materials are used to teach the class?

We use the ATI TEAS Secrets Study Guide published by Mometrix, as well as various worksheets that directly relate to skills needed for TEAS success. Tuition does not include the book. You will need to purchase the book separately from the college bookstore. It is strongly recommended you buy the book from the college bookstore to ensure you have the right edition. We will not be responsible if you buy the wrong book for this course.

Is it advisable to take the TEAS exam just to see how I do?

If you just want to take the TEAS to see where you are, it is strongly suggested you purchase one of ATI’s online practice tests, rather than registering for an official exam at this time, especially if you are not yet ready to actually apply somewhere. The practice test will give you the same score analysis that you get with the real test, and it costs about half as much. You can find them here: You should hold off on registering for the official test until you feel you are ready to get the scores you need. Visit this page to purchase the practice tests:

(TEAS) Prep for Reading and GrammarTRG-101E

Online Course: This course focuses on the reading and grammar component of the Assessment Testing Institute® (ATI) TEAS® exam. Book cost is separate. Please follow the instructions below this page to buy your book."

SectionDatesDays and TimesInstructorFeeRegister
TRG-101E-F01Sep 9 - Oct 21
Monday at 6-9 p.m.
Amy Tortorella$205
TRG-101E-F02Oct 28 - Dec 2
Monday at 6-9 p.m.
Amy Tortorella$205

TEAS Science and Math TSM-101E

This Course focuses on the math and science content of the Assessment Testing Institute (ATI) TEAS exam. Content. Book cost is separate. Please follow the instructions below this page to buy your book."

SectionDatesDays and TimesInstructorFeeRegister
TSM-101E-F01Sep 3 - Oct 8
Tuesday at 6-9 p.m.
Amy Tortorella$205
TSM-101E-F02Oct 15 - Nov 19
Tuesday at 6-9 p.m.
Amy Tortorella$205

Book Ordering Instructions

For information about ordering your textbook, please refer to the Instructions to find and purchase your book from the college bookstore section on Book Purchase


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