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Transferring Credits into BHCC

We are so glad that you chose BHCC to continue your education. We are committed to giving you credit for courses you’ve already completed so you can finish your certificate or associate's degree at BHCC. We accept transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities in the United States and from countries all over the world!

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Official College Transcripts: Official college transcripts must be sent directly to BHCC from a Registrar’s office, Electronic Exchange, or third party transcript service company such as Parchment or Credly. Paper official transcripts must be submitted in their original, unopened envelope. Official transcripts are required for receiving transfer credit.

Unofficial College Transcripts: Unofficial electronic and paper transcript are provided to BHCC by students and have not been delivered in their original, unopened envelope. Transcripts that students upload or email to BHCC are not considered official. Unofficial transcripts can be used for advising and pre-requisite purposes and exemption from placement testing.

Send official transcripts from all previous colleges.

  • Electronically: AcademicServices@bhcc.edu
  • By mail:

    Academic Records Office
    Bunker Hill Community College
    250 New Rutherford Avenue
    Boston, MA 02129

  • In-Person: Student Central, room B202, Charlestown campus. All official transcripts must be received by BHCC staff members in their original, unopened, sealed envelope.

There are a number of reasons why you may be excused from full or partial testing; review information on the Assessment Center webpage to determine if you need to take the CPT.

No, students do not need to wait for an evaluation of their college transcripts before registering for classes.

  • Accepted students (applied and received acceptance) should follow the Ready-Set-Go New Student Enrollment Checklist and should attend an Advising & Registration session as soon as possible. Students should bring an unofficial transcript(s) to their Advising & Registration session to assist with appropriate course placement and advising.
  • Guest students (students who have not been accepted to the College) should bring an unofficial copy of your transcript to register for classes at Student Central, room B202, Charlestown campus.

Transfer Credit may be awarded if:

  • the courses are comparable to those offered at BHCC;
  • a grade of C or better is earned from a regionally accredited college or university (programs requiring a C+ or higher are noted on the program curriculum sheet located in the BHCC College Catalog);
  • computer courses are not more than five years old;
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II courses are not more than 10 years old for some selective health program applications.

You can use a maximum of 45 transfer credits toward the BHCC associate degree and a maximum of 75 percent of the total number of credits required for certificate programs.

Once an official transcript has been evaluated and you have registered for classes, transferred in courses will appear on your BHCC transcript with a letter grade of TR.  TR grades are not counted in your BHCC GPA (Grade Point Average) and are not used to calculate your completion rate.  BHCC uses both completion rates and GPA to calculate your academic standing at the College.

Credits earned at colleges which follow a quarter system will be converted to semester-hour equivalents resulting in an adjustment in the number of credits transferred.

Bunker Hill Community College’s Prior Learning Assessment program (PLA) provides evaluation and, when appropriate, awards academic credits for learning acquired outside the traditional college environment. This includes: credit by departmental examination, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement Examinations (AP) credit, Military Evaluation; and Workplace Training. To learn more, visit Prior Learning Assessment.

Our Veterans Center is committed to providing veterans, active duty military, Guard/Reservists, and their eligible dependents with a smooth transition to college and a successful educational experience. Learn more.

If you earned credits at a university located outside of the United States, you must obtain a detailed course-by-course evaluation of your international transcripts utilizing a credential evaluation service. Organizations our students frequently use are:

We also accept credential evaluations from organizations with AACRAO membership and organizations endorsed by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) and the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE). Visit their websites for a full list of members: 

NACES: www.naces.org

AICE: www.aice-eval.org 

Students who plan to transfer to a 4-year university may be required to use a specific credential evaluation service. If you know where you plan to transfer after studying at BHCC, contact their admissions department and ask which credential evaluations they accept.

Please note that an official translation of transcripts is not sufficient for receiving transfer credits at BHCC as we require a course-by-course evaluation by a credential evaluation company. If you have questions regarding your translation or evaluation, please email transferservices@bhcc.edu 

If you are trying to locate your academic records (transcript) from a college that has closed, you should contact the state licensing agency in the state in which that college was located to determine where your records are stored.  If the college was located in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education can provide contact information to request your transcript.

If you disagree with the transfer credit award decision, request a meeting with a Transfer Counselor by emailing transferservices@bhcc.edu   The purpose of this meeting is to give you an opportunity to present evidence such as course descriptions and syllabi to demonstrate that the course(s) in question are either the equivalent or comparable and meet the criteria listed above.  The Transfer Counselor will contact relevant Faculty, Department Chair and or the Academic Dean to review course documentation as needed.  If the matter is not resolved with the Transfer Counselor, you can appeal in writing to the appropriate Associate Provost of Academic Affairs requesting that the Associate Provost review the materials and findings.  The decision of the Associate Provost is final.