Faculty and Staff Parking

Parking for Faculty/Staff at the Charlestown Campus

Parking is permitted in designated faculty and staff parking areas, Lots 3, 5, 6, 7, gravel lot, and perimeter road. 

Due to construction on campus, we ask everyone to only park on campus when conducting BHCC business. On-campus parking is limited due to construction, and we are attempting to make this process as smooth as possible. 

Download a Map of Faculty/Staff parking lotsĀ 

Faculty/Staff Parking Pass

All full-time and part-time faculty and staff must have a parking permit when parking on campus. To receive your permit, please complete the application available on the Intranet. Permits must be renewed at the start of each Fall Semester. Additional permit applications can be obtained in room A200, Public Safety Office, and on the BHCCintranet

Please be advised that if a hang tag is lost, we will not be issuing a new one, we will give a paper pass as a replacement until the next school year. 

Handicap Parking Pass

Disabled faculty, staff, and students who meet the requirements to park in the designated accessible parking spaces are required to have the appropriate BHCC Parking Permits on their vehicles in addition to the Disabled Placard/Plate from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.

If faculty or staff need a temporary disabled parking permit at any time, they should contact Human Resources and receive a Temporary Handicap Permit, valid for 60 days.

If the disability is longer than 60 days, you should apply at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for a Disabled Placard/Plate. The temporary parking permit only allows parking in the designated accessible parking space while the Registry is processing the application for a Disabled Placard/Plate. The special plates are issued for disabilities considered permanent (more than two years), and conditions considered temporary (2-24 months). Applications for Disabled Placard/Plate are available at the Human Resources Office. Please note that there is no fee for placards.