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Frequently Asked Questions

CSDL classes are different from traditional classrooms. Students are independent learners, and they are guided by trained course facilitator. Success in these courses requires a great level of organization, self-motivation, and time management. It is important you set up your own study schedule and keep up with all the assignments and deadlines. If you are not sure whether this format is right for you, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our course facilitator to see whether this format meets your personal needs and your learning style.

You must attend a mandatory information session before you start your class(s). During 20-30 minute session, your course facilitator will provide you with course information, course outline, and course expectations. You are required to start immediately upon completing your information session.

CSDL courses starts at the beginning of each semester. If you register after the start of the semester, you are required to begin the course IMMEDIATELY.

CSDL classes require attendance of one hour per credit verses Online/Home Study classes that do not require any attendance.

Yes, CSDL courses can extend over the entire semester or be completed in a few weeks, depending on your needs. As soon as you finish the course requirements, you will receive your final grade, and you will no longer be responsible for the weekly attendance requirement.

Yes, tuition and credits for CSDL classes are the same as classroom courses.

Yes, transferability of CSDL college- level classes is the same as classroom courses. They are listed on your transcript in the same way as classroom classes. The transcript does not differentiate a CSDL class from a classroom class.

Yes, all the courses offered through the Center require textbooks.

You do not need to schedule your hours. You can fulfill the attendance requirement based on you own scheduling needs during the hours of operation.

Yes, course facilitators and tutors are available to assist you at all times during the scheduled hours of operation of the Center.

Yes, CSDL classes require weekly attendance same as the classroom. However, you will be able to set your own schedule based on your needs