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Academic Calendar – Summer 2021

Academic Calendar - Summer 2021

June 7 Session 1/Bridge/Web/CSDL classes begin

June 9
Last day for schedule adjustment (add/drop) - Session 1/Bridge/Web/CSDL.(CSDL courses may be dropped or cancelled during the scheduled adjustment period, or within five (5) working daysfrom the date of registration - More info.)
June 18  Juneteenth Observed – College Closed 
June 19  Juneteenth 
July 2 Last day to register - CSDL classes
July 4 Independence Day – College closed
July 5  Independence Day Observed – College Closed
July 8 Last day to withdraw with “W” grades - Session I
July 17 Last day to register – Session II
July 18 Summer Session I classes end
July 19 Summer Session II classes begin
July 21 Last day for adjusting schedules (add/drop) - Session II
July 22  Last day to withdraw with “W” grades - Bridge Session
July 30 Last day to withdraw with “W” grades - CSDL and Web courses
August 1 Bridge session classes end
August 19 Last day to withdraw with “W” grades - Session II
August 20 CSDL classes end
August 29 Summer Session II and Web classes end