Current Exhibit


on complexity and resilience in the modern world with Bianca Broxton, Nasiri Guzman, Vince Phan, Jack Snell, Maria Terentieva and Zahirah Truth

January 8-March 30, 2024

This exhibition offers a rebuttal to institutional norms by dismantling the very foundation of organized social control—its systemic inequities and its contagion of a historically determined dystopia. Working within multiple media, each BHCC alumni-artist approaches their artmaking as an act of courage, strength and defiance against perennial assaults on freedom, justice and the wellness of the human race. Focusing on the discursive topics of emotional trauma, human mortality, the complexity of intersectional identities and the irreparable degradation of the environment, this encompassing body of work highlights the need to seek, through the use of individual voices, a collective redress to aggression and numerous other ills that have plagued, and continue to threaten, our vulnerable but resilient existence.

Co-Curated by Bianca Broxton

Upcoming Events

A Conversation with Bianca Broxton
March 9 | 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. | A-300 Lobby

Join BHCC Alumna-artist and co-curator, Bianca Broxton, as she leads the BHCC arts community through a symbiotic relationship between identity and exploitation while crocheting dreadlocks as part of her sculptural piece “Tendrils (revisited)” featured in the current Mary L. Fifield Art Gallery exhibition "Dissident Morphologies" on view through March 30, 2024.

This performance piece acts as a way to form a dialogue between the audience and the artist regarding hair, beauty, discrimination, and personal histories. Attendees are welcome to watch, tell their personal stories around hair, and to participate in crocheting hair with the artist.

Refreshments will be served.

Artists' Reception with Bianca Broxton, Nasiri Guzman, Vince Phan, Jack Snell, Maria Terentieva and Zahirah Truth
Co-curated by Bianca Broxton
Special performance presentation by BHCC Alumna Artist and Educator Zahirah Nur Truth, affectionately known as Da Artist ZNT.