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Charlestown Campus Map

Charlestown Construction Map



Please note the following when using the BHCC Chelsea Campus and H-Building Shuttles:

  1. Plan to depart at least 30 minutes before your class starts.
  2. Because of weather, traffic, road construction, etc., all shuttle schedule times are estimates.
  3. To allow for travel time, do not schedule classes back-to-back at different BHCC locations.

The shuttles are for BHCC students, faculty and staff.

Download the Charlestown Campus Map
Download the Parking and Accessibility Map

A Building

2nd Floor
A200             Office of Public Safety

3rd Floor 
A300 Lobby     Lounge
A300 Lobby     Art Gallery
A300              Auditorium
A310              Admissions


B Building

1st Floor 
Lower Lobby    Security Desk
B101B             Emergency Assistance Fund
B118               Assessment Center

2nd Floor 
B202/Lobby     Student Central
                        • Academic Records
                        • Financial Aid
                        • Student Payment
B206               Veterans Center
B211A-B          Office of Community Engagement

3rd Floor 
B303-B320      Administrative Offices

B331              Student Success Program
B336              Adjunct Faculty Center


C Building

1st Floor

C-Lounge         Student Lounge
C-Lounge         Vending Machines/Games
C-Lounge         WBCC Radio Station

2nd Floor
C202                Lecture Hall

3rd Floor         Deans’ Offices


D Building

1st Floor

D106-A            Audio Visual Department
D106               Student Activities
D106               Student Government Association
D106               Student Clubs and Organizations
D106               Student Trustee
D106               Textbook Assistance Program
D111               Academic Computing Center

2nd Floor       
D206               Single Stop
D206               Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

3rd Floor       Classrooms

M(MODULAR) Building

M103              MathSpace
M104              MathSpace

E Building

1st Floor

E120             Facilities Management
E138             Central Services
E142             The Writing Place
E144             Audio Visual
E145             Commonwealth Honors Center
E154             Health Services
E157             Visual & Media Arts Department
E174             Tutoring & Academic Support Center (TASC)
E175             Edward L. Kerr Conference Room

2nd Floor
E222            Disability Support Services
E226            Multi-Media Language Lab
E230            Teaching Learning & Instructional Technology Center (TLiTC)
E232            Quiet/Silent Room
E235            LifeMap Commons
                        • Advising
                        • LifeMap Lab
                        • Early Advantage
                        • Career Planning
                        • Internships, Learn & Earn
                        • E-portfolio
E236            International Center

3rd Floor
E300            Library & Learning Commons
E319            Library Classroom

4th Floor 
E400           Cafeteria
E418           Bookstore
E421           Kershaw Culinary Arts Dining Room


G Building

1st Floor          
Lobby               Security Desk
Lobby               BHCC Shuttles: Chelsea, H-Building- Drop Off/Pick Up
G102                Fitness Center
G113A              Team Room 2/Lockers
G113B              Officials Lockers
G113C              Team Room 1/Lockers
G115                Trainers/Exam Room
G117                Athletic Offices Suite
G130                Faculty Offices Suite

2nd Floor        
Health Center Lobby/Lounge
G201-G215      Faculty Offices Suite
G218-G225      Medical Imaging Labs
G231              Dean's Office Suite
G240              Acute Critical Skills Unit
G243              Basic Skills Unit


H Building

1st Floor
Lobby           Security Desk
Lobby           BHCC H-Building Shuttle- Drop Off/Pick Up
                   Faculty Offices
H103            Workforce Development Center
                   Community Education Office
                   Welcome Back Center
H134            Distance Learning
H157            Student Lounge
H165            Center for Self-Directed Learning (CSDL)
                    • Testing Room
H169            Basic English Language Learning (BELL)
H169            Language Lab
H199            Human Resources
H199            Business Office
H199            Payroll Office