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CoIL Boston Aims to Achieve Three Goals

CoiL Boston students in Boston

Our Tagline: Learning, Discovery and Fun in the Hub – captures the essence of our mission

Goal One: Students Learn

Participants attend three seminars: “U.S. Culture,” “Intercultural Communication” and “U.S. Revolutionary History”.

In the “U.S. Culture” seminar, students learn about the four main regions that make up the United States, American East Coast and West Coast cultural and language differences, and its character make-up based on values, practices and beliefs.

In “Intercultural Communication,” students explore the basic concept of “culture,” examine its social functions and develop a problem-solving framework that takes into account cultural information. Communicating across cultures in a global marketplace is covered. 

In “U.S. Revolutionary History,” participants get a first-rate lesson on how Boston was instrumental in launching the American Revolution. The seminar involves a scenic walk on the Freedom Trail, a path marked by painted red lines or red bricks linking 16 historic sites spread over 2.5 miles. Each stop is steeped in history and weaves a fascinating story surrounding the struggle for freedom from the English Crown.

Based on your group’s learning objectives and program length, you may request to add additional subjects, including macroeconomics, globalization, marketing, leadership, sciences, etc. Additionally, students visit selected college lectures to interact with professors and students.  

Goal Two: Students Discover

Our well-planned itinerary balances relaxation and recreation with discovery and inspiration. Students participate in community service projects. Words they have used to describe their experience with service projects include “powerful,” “inspiring,” “eye-opening,” and “wow”.  Serving other people in need is part of the American way and we want students gain from this valuable experience. 

Through homestay, they see first-hand how cultural practices and customs are lived out day-to-day. Host families invite students to be a part of their lives, bringing them to activities and events that they would not have otherwise enjoyed if they had stayed at a hotel.

Bunker Hill Community College attracts international students from approximately 100 countries speaking more than 75 languages. CoIL Boston participants will discover that they are surrounded by a global community of learners. Many who enter the main lobby for the first time and see flags representing the BHCC students’ home countries say they feel as if they have entered the United Nations. 

Goal Three: Students Have Fun

CoIL Boston participants have a wicked fun time in Boston. “Wicked good” is a positive superlative in Boston slang.  Self-led and guided trips to popular Boston attractions, from museums and historic sites to ethnic neighborhoods and shopping destinations, typically start immediately after class. 

Students will quickly find that Boston is known as “America’s Walking City.” Winding streets lead through historic and contemporary neighborhoods, allowing walkers to feel the past and present life of this magnificent city.  With all of the many walkable neighborhoods that Boston has to offer, students will have fun discovering the city’s unique place in America from historical to modern times.

Exploratory time allows students to explore the various neighborhoods in the city. They can also choose to work out at the College’s new, state-of-the-art health and wellness gym. Their fun culminates in sharing their journey with fellow classmates, family and friends back home.