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Practical Matters

The International Center is available to help students obtain information on housing, transportation, finances and other aspects of life in the United States.

If you are planning on attending Bunker Hill Community College, here are some helpful tips to make your time here more comfortable:


There is no on-campus housing at Bunker Hill Community College, but our students take advantage of a variety of housing options. Most students find apartments off campus, either by themselves or with roommates. Apartments tend to be less expensive outside the city, and you can easily commute to campus on public transportation.

Where To Stay

There are many places to stay while you are looking for an apartment. If you do not wish to stay in a hotel after your arrival, you might consider living with a host family or at a youth hostel until you find permanent housing. In addition, Global Immersion, an organization that places international students with American hosts for a few weeks or longer, can help you with your housing arrangements. They may be contacted at: Global Immersion, Inc., P.O. Box 71, Watertown, MA 02471, phone: 617-484-4055, toll free: 1-888-924-2712, e-mail: info@globalimmersions.com, or visit www.globalimmersions.com.

How To Search

  • Check the bulletin boards near the cafeteria. Students looking for a roommate will often post a notice on these bulletin boards. You may also post a notice stating that you are looking for housing.
  • Check the real estate section of the Sunday issues of The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald.
  • Ask everyone you know about apartments. Often, faculty and students know of someone who is looking for a good tenant through "word of mouth" referrals.
  • Look through the Yellow Pages of the telephone book under "Apartments for Rent."
  • Use the Internet! The following web sites may help you in your search:


Roommates/Apartment Listings

Rental Agencies

(these websites have current apartment listings)

Other Helpful Hints

  • There will be many other people looking for apartments, so be prepared to act quickly! If you see an advertisement that interests you, call right away to see the apartment. If you like it, be prepared to pay the deposit immediately.
  • Don't sign a lease without seeing the apartment. You need to inspect the actual apartment you will be living in.
  • Make sure you read (and completely understand) the lease before you sign it. In most apartments, you will pay for your own utilities (gas, oil, heating, electricity, telephone, etc.) and may need to supply your own refrigerator. Pets and smoking are not allowed in some apartments.