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For Faculty and Staff

Students can greatly benefit from the mentorship of a faculty member because it enhances student learning by linking academic study to specific career fields. It is important to keep in contact with students throughout the internship support and provide guidance. Though the student is taking the Internship course, they may have an established relationship with you and it is important to show students that they have a support system on campus.

Internships provide students with a great opportunity to gain on the job experience and insight into a career. BHCC students can earn credit through an internship course while gaining on the job experience. The office of Internships and Career Development, want students to make the best out of their time in BHCC. There are many ways BHCC students can gain valuable career and life skills while attending classes. There are many opportunities, programs, services and resources that can help students prepare for there future career.

Students who are required to do an internship or have the internship course as an elective, will take the 3 credit internship course which will help to enhances the academic experience for students. All internships take place at pre-approved sites. Students engage in activities that improve knowledge of the practical world of work and help them gain professional experience. The internship experience applies resources gained from students' study to improve the quality of their contributions to the employer. A faculty member supervises and grades all courses. Students are responsible for following all guidelines in the BHCC Internship Handbook.

We would love to hear from you, let us know where you would like your students to intern, what companies would you like us to reach out to. Let us know how we can help you help the students, email us at internships@bhcc.mass.edu.

What can you do to help:

  • Refer students to our office
  • Connect us with outside organizations that we can foster relationships with to gain more opportunities for students
  • Invite us into your classroom
  • Provide references for students going on internships
  • Support students resume building (content, you are the one who knows your field of study best)

What can we do for you:

  • Would you like industry leaders to come to campus and talk with your students? We can set that up
  • Are you looking to bring your students on a site visit to a company
  • We will work with your students to get them ready to apply and interview at these organizations

The Internships and Career Development is here to help both students and staff.  If you would like to work with a representative of the Internships and Career Development Team, please fill out our course visit form.