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Book Purchase, BHCC Account Set Up, Course Access, Directions and Parking

Unless your book is covered by the tuition cost, you will need to purchase your book separately online from the college bookstore.  Do not buy the book from any place other than the college bookstore to ensure that you have the right book for your course. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover.

Instructions to find and purchase your book from the college bookstore 

Visit https://www.bkstr.com/bhccstore/shop/textbooks-and-course-materials. Use your BHCC student seven-digit ID to quickly find your textbook.

If you do not have your seven-digit student BHCC ID number handy, click “Enter Courses” and select the semester with the words "Elevate WFD" under “Term”. In the Department field, select the course. In the “Select Course” field, choose the course number. In the “Section” field, choose the right section. Then click "Find Materials for (1) Course" box. Order your book. If you have questions, you may call the bookstore at 617-228-2304. 

If you are registered for any of the courses listed below, you will need to buy the book from the college bookstore.  You may follow the instructions above or click your course to get to the course page for book ordering instructions:

Once you purchase the book, do not break the packaging until after the class has started. If the course is canceled, the college bookstore will only accept book returns if they are still wrapped in their original packaging. Book returns will not be accepted if it is not in its original packaging.

The courses below require a textbook, but they are not available for purchase at the college bookstore. Please click the course link for specific instructions to buy the book for these courses:

Setting Up Your BHCC Account 

Setting up your BHCC account gives you access to Moodle-enabled courses, access to the college’s WiFi, and allows you to do business with BHCC efficiently.  Please email Technology Support Services (TSS) at helpdesk@bhcc.edu to request your BHCC username and your seven digit BHCC student ID number so that you can set up your BHCC account. Please allow 24 hours after registration to set up your BHCC account. The last six-digits of your student ID serves as your temporary password you will use to set up your permanent password. In your email to TSS please provide your full name and your date of birth.

Once you have your username and temporary password (last six-digits of your BHCC ID number), you will be able to set up your password. Visit https://spr.bhcc.edu to enroll. Once there, click "Enroll in Password Reset Tool" and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your permanent password. Use your username and temporary password highlighted in yellow below to complete the process.

If your class is Moodle-enabled, you must set up your BHCC account. A BHCC representative will be emailing you instructions along with your username and temporary password to set up your BHCC account. If your course is not Moodle-enabled, you will not need to set up your BHCC account.

The following classes are moodle-enabled:

  • SHRM Learning System - Tuesday section
  • SHRM Essentials
  • TEAS Science & Math
  • Real Estate Sales
  • PMP Exam Prep

If you are a returning BHCC student and your BHCC account is still active, there is no need to set up your account again. If you have not been taking classes at BHCC for two consecutive semesters, your account is deactivated and you will need to contact TSS at helpdesk@bhcc.edu to request that it be re-activated.

If you have questions about setting your BHCC account, please email helpdesk@bhcc.edu or call 617-228-3441. 

Access Your Course 

  • If your class is remote/online and is instructor-led, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to join the class within two days of the class start date. 
  • If your class is remote/online, but is self-paced, you will get instructions by email from a staff member on how to begin your class.

Directions to the College and Campus Parking

Directions to the college: https://www.bhcc.edu/charlestowndirections/

Campus Parking -- You may purchase a semester or daily permit. Rules, regulations, and cost can be found here: https://www.bhcc.edu/parking/. Click the Charlestown Campus for more details. Students are only allowed to park in Lots 1 or 2. Any questions or concerns, call ABM at 617-482-2487 or see the parking lot attendant. Cars parked without a semester parking permit will be towed.