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A.C.E. Mentors' Testimonials

“If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your path” Spending time with the students, being part and contributing in the first steps of their path is the best things that I got as an ACE mentor. I became part of a family that together tries to never let anybody fall and is always there when you need a hand and is the other people’s smile that brings ours.
Melisa Balla

"I didn't realize how invested I would become in my mentees success. When they do well, I feel like I've achieved something"
"By helping others develop good study habits, I've refined my own. It's made me a better student"
"As an ACE Mentor, I've helped create a community, one that feels good to be a part of"
Paul Fletcher

“Being an ACE Mentor is nice and I can assist new students throughout the semester. It helps me to make more friends and enriches my experiences while learning how to provide support for students and faculties”

“What I like about being an ACE Mentor is being able to help and guide students on their college journey and getting to work with a BHCC Professors where you can create a relationship with them. It has helped me academically by using my time wisely for each class. I also learn as the students learn too. ACE Mentoring has been a great opportunity for me where I am able to help co-lead with the professor and learn from them as we go. It helps and gives me a vision on how to be a great responsible teacher one day to students when I finish my degree in Education”

“For me, having a chance to be part of the ACE Mentor program is more than amazing. It has helped me grow so much to become a better person not only that I get to help others but I get to communicate and help them with their academic needs. I’m so grateful to be able to talk with them about life situations and helping them stay positive. When it comes to my feelings about this program I feel like I can count on the other mentors when it comes to other suggestions. I like being part of this program because I get to work with different types of mentors and I learn from what they do as a mentor themselves”

“It allows me to do something out of my comfort zone and provide help in the best way I can to students taking a class that I've taken before. ACE mentoring give me the opportunity to get involved on campus”